Would be nice to assign a virtual card to a pot

I have some of the virtual cards set up for subscriptions and take outs etc, it would be good to put an amount in a pot and have a virtual card take from only that pot, making it real easy to see how much i can spend and i can avoid missing a subscription that doesn’t use a direct debit, thoughts?

Ive also got the cards set up for the kids and their subscriptions (xbox etc) so if one of them decides to get a bit adventurous with buying vbucks through it, if its locked to a pot i dont have to worry about being overcharged if i forget to clear it and can still make rent.

There is an existing feedback thread for this exact thing! It would be an absolute game changer for me if they introduced this.

Make sure you vote on this thread too - but it sounds like from recent posts it’s being worked on: