Monzo Plus: Virtual Cards

Splitting off from the main Plus thread, please use this thread to discuss Monzo Plus virtual cards :credit_card:

We also have two idea threads on some specific improvements you’d like to see next! :point_down:


I’d like to see these in the accounts list please, with their own list of transactions.


I would like this so long as there was still the master feed with all transactions (which I would ideally like to include all connected accounts too).


THIS :arrow_up:

Please add a filter to view particular cards transactions.


Here was my view on virtual cards:

Going to go against the grain here and say I am a bit disappointed on how these are set up, I thought they would be a true isolated card and balance or at least the option to do this. At the moment if you are using this in a situation you may not want your main details given out you are just moving the goalposts anyone overhears in the Chinese which is the example provided someone can still withdraw all your balance. I hoped that it will work like privacy - , where the card is only good for x balance or you can do self-destruct after 1 use. I’d like to think this is coming though.

It would be good to see some future plans or something to look forward to that may tip some people over the edge – nice work so far and looking forward to the latest developments!


I think spending caps and pots go hand in hand in some ways, as whatever amount you place into the relevant pot effectively becomes your cap. Also having the paired pot empty would be essentially the same as having the card frozen too, which is another requested feature I’ve seen. Disposable cars cards too.

Essentially, if you prioritise any of the potential features to ship first, it absolutely should be pots.


Agreed. Similar to Starling Connected Cards.

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Typo? :rofl:

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Absolutely. A global feed makes a lot of sense for a financial hub, I think with open banking monzo is at the point where they should consider that.

One feed with all transactions from accounts I choose to add properly classified would be really nice, and given virtual cards and pots already blur the lines with accounts so much, I really don’t care for the arbitrary distinctions and hierarchy at present which are often incorrect (e.g. external savings pots marked as under a current account, joint accounts not being a shared account but a completely different product). I’d rather just a global feed and then an ‘account’ for every other account-like object letting me see transactions and move money between them.

To bring it back to virtual accounts, it feels really odd to me that we now have current account, virtual accounts, pots, shared pots, joint accounts, external accounts, all with different names and similar but subtly different features. People want account numbers for pots for example, why not merge the concepts and just have accounts, all under one global feed?


Whoopsie! :sweat_smile:

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It would be great to be able to edit the order, name and colour of virtual cards, I’ve changed my mind on the name of one and made a typo on another so I had to delete 2 of them in my first day as a Plus customer :sweat_smile:

Also, has anyone discovered what happens when we reach the 100th card limit? :thinking:


I commented this in the main thread but these are the options I’d like on virtual cards:

  • Pay from pot
  • Set limits per card
  • one off disposable cards
  • Mobile payment virtual cards (paired with pay from pot for example is v useful).
  • increased limits beyond 5 at one time and 100 Total ever made.

In terms of how they integrate into the app I’d like to see:

  • a card in the same account / pot flow.
  • be able to filter searches by card / see what has been paid for on said card (ie filter by card)
  • the google export to say what the v card was if paid from that.

That would make this feature really solid for me


I tried those with Revolut - if the service you try it with do an Active Card Check, then the card is invalid there after - I think Monzo make have to say if: Amount taken >1p, then dispose.

You can only make 100 virtual cards in total? Do you think it costs Monzo to make these, hence the limit?

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Ah per year! That’s probably reasonable then.


An annual limit will be easier to live with I guess. Curious how a self destructing and regenerating disposable card would impact this if/when they add it.

I think they need to make this global total limit you can make and destroy annually more prominent in the app. I was unaware of this so was creating a load of them all willy-nilly to play with them.

Also the option to edit the names and colours please as I had to to destroy a few over typos and wanting to swap the colours around for different cards.


I’ve created 1 that I haven’t used yet :joy:

Can’t imagine how I’d use 100 in a year

I have 23 deleted cards and 3 active ones.

Is that bad? :grimacing:

  • Fund from a pot.
  • Automatic regeneration of card on purchase (allowing for active card checks).
  • Ability to view information for virtual card transactions that would assist should a refund be required (last 4 digits / expiry etc…?)

Wait what how do you have 23 deleted already? Didn’t someone post Yesterday the T&C stating that you can only ever create 100? Maybe I’m wrong and dreaming it I’ll try and find it now