Virtual Card - Pay From Joint Account

When creating a virtual card today it suddenly struck me - why can’t I have it pull from my joint account? All the other sources show up, and I have all the rights to use my joint account card anywhere I please, so why isn’t my joint account listed as a possible source of funds for a virtual card?

I know that Monzo have shown little progress on Joint Accounts for a long, long time (please won’t someone implement custom categories!), but, come on, how hard is it to add the joint account as a source of funds for a virtual card? At the user interface layer obviously absolutely and totally trivial. And while there’s probably some grubby permissions work to be solved in the backend, I refuse to believe that this could be that hard. Why can’t I use my own joint account as a source of funds for my own virtual card! It’s infuriating!

Progress really seems to have slowed to a half at Monzo. It’s a real shame. There are some small things they could do to really improve the user experience. I wonder if the burden of 1500 microservices is finally weighing on them.