Setting up new joint account but can't add virtual card to Apple wallet

Hi there, I’ve just joined Monzo, transferred cash into my new account and set up a joint account with my partner. So far so good. Thing is it won’t let me add the virtual card from my joint account to Apple Wallet. Any idea what I am doing wrong? Ta

Virtual cards are a specific feature of Monzo Plus, not something you can have on a Joint account.

I presume you mean you are trying to add your Joint account card to Apple Wallet (it is virtual in the sense it has yet to be issued, yes?).

As I understand it, you are able to do this at the point of opening the account (as part of the flow), but if you don’t take up the opportunity to do so at that point then you have to wait until you get the physical card itself through the post to do it. Cards are issued pretty swiftly, though, so in that case you’d only need to wait a couple of days probably.


Yeah, like stated above if you didn’t add the card to Apple Pay/G Pay when you setup the account, you’ll need to wait until you physically get the card before you can add it to your wallet.

It’s really annoying… I had the same thing happen in January when I setup my Monzo account.

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