Virtual Card Number not recognised

Tryna update my Now TV with a new virtual card so I can pay it from a pot but Now TV keeps reporting an invalid card number, I’ve deleted the virtual card and tried a new one and it’s still not working. The old virtual card is on the account and works fine.

You’ll have to email and inform them off the issue.

Didn’t someone say a few weeks ago not to email that address anymore, just report it in app

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I’m not sure, it’ll bounce back if it’s not the right place. I guess would make sense to do in app, but whoever picks it up then sends it to that team so doesn’t make sense for me, cut out the middle man.

I’ve gave it a stab through the app, if I remember rightly this was an issue when virtual cards first came out, had something to do with vendors updating their records? :man_shrugging:

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Found this, though it’s a customer reporting their own experience.

@alandoe said he’d check, but doesn’t appear to have reported back yet.


Doesn’t bounce just gets ignored is what I was told. I got a manual reply after a few weeks saying not monitored and to report in app.

OT but Hannah Waddingham:


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it worked in the end with all the businesses it didn’t originally work with, was super weird - left it overnight after creating the card, tried again and worked… while i was in chat with Monzo support too, made me look a right tit hahaha