Vending machine blocking Monzo


my partner tried to use this vending machine at work but it doesn’t like Monzo :confused:

She’s just getting a range of messages.

“please retry with chip and pin” for contactless or swipe
“please retry with contactless” for card insertion


Does the card work in other places?
Does the vending machine work with other cards?

If the answer is yes to both, then your partner needs to email

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It appears to work with her Santander okay. Yes her card works everywhere. This is the first time her card hasn’t been accepted

okay will doooo

That rules out an issue with your account or card then, so I’d say it’s the vending machine that isn’t up-to-date to recognise Monzo.

As mentioned above, Monzo have a team that deal with these kind of issues and they reach out to the vendors to try and resolve it.

Hope you get it sorted :crossed_fingers:

If nothing is appearing in your partner’s Monzo app when she tries the machine, one of you should email and link them to this thread just in case they haven’t picked it up yet, and they’ll send the crew round to knock some heads together*

* they’ll probably send a polite message first before they go round with the baseball bats

Our local swimming complex won’t accept Monzo through vending machines.
No idea why when even curve works!
Easy solution just use my Starling card instead.

Not actually a solution but it’s a sensible workaround for those with more than one funded account.


That email address isn’t meant to be used anymore. You’re supposed to use in app chat or

If they don’t want it using they could soon take it down to stop incoming emails, until they do it’s there to be used, regardless.

I meant more…if you want a timely resolution to your problem - use help/chat. Last time I emailed acceptance they replied about 2 weeks later telling me to use chat/help and that email wasn’t monitored for customer reports

Can you please confirm this @AlanDoe ?

Shall do :eyes: