Verifying A Virtual Card


I am having a few issues with my virtual cards. I recently upgraded to plus to use the virtual cards feature to pay from pots for things like subscriptions (netflix, amazon prime etc). I have visited these sites to change my payment details and update them to the new virtual card details. However, when I go to conform the new details on the sites it asks me to verify my card in monzo with a £0.00 transaction as normal. Although this is where issues lie, as the card is a virtual one and not my normal card, the standard verification popup doesn’t appear, and I cannot therefore verify my virtual card for spending on these sites.

Am I doing something wrong here?

Thanks for any help

Should show a popup as if you was using your physical card, there have been some people in the forum saying they have had problems with their card today so could be that causing the issues

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Think there’s a few issues with Mastercard at the minute based on multiple forums and socials.

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Came here to report the exact same problem. Tried to change my card on GiffGaff to a virtual card at various times today and the notification doesn’t arrive. Tried with my regular Monzo card number and it worked.

I know it sounds daft, but just make sure you have a balance in the pot if your virtual card is attached to a pot. Fell fowl of this in the past.

Deleted and reinstalled the app and virtual card alerts for verification started working… that lasted for a few days. Now they’ve stopped appearing again. Main card still works fine. TBH I am close to ditching Plus because of this.

Hey can you try contacting us through the chat feature through the app, that was someone can investigate the issue properly for you and try and resolve it