Virtual Card Names in Android/Apple Pay

I’ve fully leaned into paying directly from pots via virtual cards in Apple Pay, and colour coding is currently the only way to identify those cards/pots.

However, it’s easy to foresee me accidentally mixing up these cards in my wallet, so having the card name visible on the card in the wallet would really help.

What do you think?

It’s not possible as far as I can remember.

Monzo can only have so many card designs in your wallets. If I get time later I’ll find you the comment that explains this.

If you use Google Pay you can give your cards nicknames

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I think it will end up being left to Apple and Google to implement customisable nicknames for debit / credit / virtual cards in their respective wallets.

Curve already allows this in their app.

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Google pay already let’s you add a nickname for any cards in your wallet. By default they just have the last 4 digits of the card and the visa / MasterCard at the beginning but you can name them whatever you want so you can easily distinguish which pot they’re ultimately linked to.


Ahh, yes, that’s what I envisaged. I’m an iOS user, so didn’t realise Google was already on top of that.

Stupid Apple.

My sentiments exactly.

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The problem here is that you only see the nickname in google pay when looking at the payments method list. When you look at the card in the main carousel it says “virtual card” rather than the nickname. For other cards nicknames are correctly shown here. This also means when using the long press power to see this carousel you also have no idea which is which.

Really? My other cards all behave as you described so I prescribed it to being an improvement that Google needed to make.

Have you got a screenshot, perhaps I’ve somehow done it wrong :thinking: