Unable to report fraud for virtual card transactions

Last night I got an unexpected transaction occur using a virtual card that I had set up for one off purchases. I’m guessing the virtual card details were compromised from a retailer.

I immediately deleted the virtual card which helped prevent a later transaction going through.

Using the “Something wrong? Get help” option on the transaction, I tap the report fraud option but this just takes me to in-app chat (not a good experience so far but that’s another story) rather than the usual form to complete.

The dispute recognised transaction option seems to work fine as the subsequent form loads.

I did some playing around and came to the conclusion that report fraud works for anything but virtual cards as I tried it for a valid transaction using another virtual card but still get kicked to support chat.

I am guessing because the report fraud flow attempts to freeze your card, it falls over for virtual cards as they can’t be frozen.

I wonder if Monzo are aware of the report fraud flow not working for virtual cards or if an alternative is available while I wrestle with the in app chat support.