Virtual Card Suddenly Frozen

I have a virtual card which has inexplicably become frozen. Trying to make purchased with it I get a failure saying I need to defrost my card, yet there is no option to freeze or defrost virtual cards so I can’t do anything.

iOS 16.6.1
iPhone 11 Pro

This could be something Monzo have done if there’s a fraud risk. Seems more likely than a bug.

Have to spoken to them?

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I agree it doesn’t really seem like a bug, first thing I would have done is ask Monzo why it’s been frozen, if you can find the live chat option.

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The first thing I did was fight my way through the help pages to contact Monzo but didn’t get any reply for a day. If it is fraud related they are usually much more responsive than that.

I’d argue that even if that is the case though, that it’s terrible UX, if not a bug. Being repeatedly told to do something that is impossible, rather than a message describing what has really happened is not helpful. In any case I have had risks detected on virtual cards before and they just cancel them, so I don’t think that’s the case.

I’d just like a response from Monzo so I understand what’s going on. I’m not keen on paying for something that is not functional.

Obvious question, but was the main card frozen? I know you can’t freeze virtual cards, but it might be that if this was the case, it could block the virtual card too.

You’re unlikely to get it here. You’ll need to wait for support to reply.

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Main card was not frozen.

I went through the contact support process again this morning and heard from someone. They have unfrozen the virtual card, but cannot explain why it happened. So either a bug or an incorrect action applied to my account I would presume.