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I’m trying to make a deposit with

I’m not getting a notification to approve the transaction. It fails due to technical difficulties. I’ve spoken to the website and they have said it is an issue with my bank.

How can I get around this issue?

What notifications are you seeing on your monzo feed?

If you’re not getting any notification, it’s not reaching Monzo. So it’s an issue with them.

It’s a sign! Invest the money instead :joy:

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It’s a sign you’re going to lose your money.

If you didn’t receive the notification it’s nothing to do with Monzo.

If you paid with PayPal, sometimes PayPal randomly blocks gambling transactions.

But it’s most likely the site

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I got technical difficulties shown on a payment in the app if I used the wrong pin in the app you could try an SMS authorisation that worked for me then I needed to unlock the pin in my app as It was then locked but this was nota betting transaction

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Are you receiving notifications when you try and make transactions on other sites? It might be that your notification settings are blocking the ping when Monzo ask you to authorise the transaction.

Another possibility is the gambling block feature in the Monzo app. Is it turned on?

And no, you’re not going to lose the money as @Ashton has implied - if the notification isn’t received and transaction authorised, the transaction fails and no money will leave your account. Some transactions don’t need to be authorised (and they will work), but if authorisation is needed and not provided, the transaction fails.

But he is going to lose his money… that’s the risks of gambling… you don’t always win, he has a low chance at winning profit and a massive risk at losing all his deposit - I do know myself from losing thousands within 5 months of gambling


He can lose his money like @Ashton said it’s gambling. The house always wins

I’m sorry for your addiction @Ashton I’m assuming it’s better now due to the past tense?

Yes, losing on a gambling site is quite likely - but he’s asking for help with the transaction, not philosophical advice :slight_smile:

I agree with you there, just felt like I would say it that’s why I said it’s a sign
Ideally that’s the reason I questioned PayPal as from experience using Monzo through PayPal randomly blocks certain sites that are to do with gambling which would cause the payment to not complete, however PayPal doesn’t notify you of this, normally a live chat fixes it.

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