Hi Everyone I'm new, let's have a chat!

Not many will ask. How are you? How you feeling? What do you think of the new outcome for Covid and how are you feeling about it all?

This is a hard subject to grasps but knowing how we feel about it should share some concerns and not leaving anyone out and thinking to themselves they’re alone… Feel comfortable and please everyone do not JUDGE anyone here.


Well that confirms you’re definitely new here


Are there any new developments other than everything slowly going to shit again as expected?

Genuinely curious as all Apple News shows me is the Sun despite blocking it several times. Not sure how Apple want to monetise News+ if I can’t turn off sources and support don’t care :thinking: first world problems I know but it’s so annoying

The reason why I’m saying do not judge cause everyone thinks differently towards a subject like this. Have you heard the phrase be kind?

It surely is going back for the worse. Especially those who are struggling with mental health. Does anyone suffer with Mental Health?

There’s already a discussion on Covid in the below topic where people are sharing their thoughts and feelings etc.

I’m ok. How are you?

Depends on the day for me. What sort of news or information I get exposed to. My outlook right now is quite pessimistic and my attitude to a lot of stuff recently has been tending more along the lines of what is the point but I just about manage to get some stuff done and keep things going, but not making much personal progress or improvement in any aspects of my life that I had originally wanted to improve or do, or in terms of goals I had set myself for the year. There’s still time, but my motivation for some thing are depreciating, and I’d rather be looking for comfort or joy instead. I’ve started playing Pokemon Go again, to try to encourage myself to venture outside (with a mask and gloves) a bit, but other than that, outside of projects and works, I’ve been living a lot of my life in Animal Crossing, it’s the best escape I have.

How are you feeling?

Haven’t been following much of anything. I’ve been advocating for masks since day one. In fact I’ve long been wanting their use to be normalised in the west for so long. I hate germs, and I hate getting infected with the common cold. Wearing a mask in public whilst you’re unwell should just be common decency thing like in eastern cultures. I’m glad they’re being made mandatory though. The whole contact tracing app ordeal has been incredibly frustrating for me to witness. Especially as an engineer, with a rough idea of how much it would cost to create, and how quickly it could be built, beta tested, and deployed. Our work towards a vaccine feels like the only thing we’ve been getting right in the U.K. That’s more optimistic, and I hope it’s successful.

At the start of the year my family booked a month long staycation at centerparcs for Halloween and fireworks. They are still adamant and insisting we all go providing none of the regions where other family members live enter into a local lockdown. It seems insane to me, and I hope the decision is made to cancel it and go another year, so I can get my contribution back for not wanting to go.

There is a discussion for that in relation to COVID-19 here: Mental Health Discussion Thread


Its good to see your keeping your thoughts open. As I do.

I’m okay. How I’m feeling towards this? Not easy. But my kids are my rocks and keeping me busy. I rather not read into things as much as i used to. I be glad when things are back normal when it does. I can get back into work. When I do have free time I carry on doing my course. I do like to keep my busy if not i will have gone insane.

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Are you doing some kind of research, something for a course at school or university.

The question seems fairly loaded towards something like that as it’s just unusual in the way you’ve phrased your posts


Good to (kind of) meet you Claire.
I’m hating the current hiatus. other people may feel life is moving on, I feel kind of in limbo I’m sure like many here. I actually envy in a weird way people heading for the airports and sunnier climes. I wouldn’t let myself enjoy it… and it’s not like I’m petrified of the thing. I just feel like there’s too much uncertainty.

I read today the Russians have a vaccine ready :scream:

on masks, I will disagree with you. I know it’s necessary now and it’s the right thing to do but I am sad that this could now be normality for us forevermore. it’s a backward step for sociable humanity in an age where it was already going that way anyway.

empty airports, empty high streets, empty offices, masks, distance.

all very sad and poignant for me. I hope against hope its in some way temporary

We are doomed, doomed I say.

So much cynicism!

Welcome, Claire - I’m smashing thank you, though I’m admittedly biased as I’m on holiday right now. Glad to hear you’re keeping busy. A busy mind is a happy mind, or so they say. Whoever ‘they’ are.


I’ve had really good weekend. Haven’t left the apartment for over 130 days but my sister came over to visit me. I’m in Norwich so we went to Holkham Hall on Saturday.

Today we went to Happisburgh - the sound of the sea always make me feel better.


No. I’m not a researcher. I’m actually studying mental health, minds and other courses along the way, keeping my mind busy. I wish i could do research. That wouldn’t be a bad idea next but I don’t think my brain will take it all… I just like to understand people in their own minds because we are different how we think things and all sorts.

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That looks beautiful and peaceful :slightly_smiling_face:

Where are you on your holiday by the way? Wish I was on holiday myself, last time I went somewhere it was Portugal.

I like to keep my mind busy sometimes especially when the kids are in bed. Thanks for showing support. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Claire,

Welcome to the community.

I find music keeps my mind distracted

Malta! First time here, loving the beaches & snorkelling. (And we seem to have dodged the quarantine - so far)

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