View your H&M receipts with Flux

You can now view your receipts from H&M directly in your Monzo app. And they even work for returns!


Good news that more large retailers are integrating with Flux.
I’d like to think that it will encourage even more to follow.


Great stuff. Any idea of whether there are plans to have this work with online transactions? The post suggests it only works with in-store transactions at the moment - is that right?

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Samantha has answered you in the other topic:


Glad to see such a big retailer on board! I love the idea of Flux, but have been disappointed by the lack of use-cases for me (KFC I think is the only one).

Hopefully we can see more retailers come on board soon!

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I don’t think I’ve ever been in a H&M store :thinking:

Might venture into one to give this a go :grin:


Naaaa :rofl:

Or maybe not :joy:

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I don’t go shopping often

But hopefully, Asda, Lidl and B&M, Greggs, will support Flux in the future

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One of the big supermarkets would be good next

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It’ll certainly be more valuable once/if the major supermarkets get on board… or my local beer shop😏


Does the flux integration still work with Google pay?

Morning :wave: Yes, you should get a receipt when you pay with Google Pay!

We have an article on our Help Centre that has an up-to-date list of where you can use Flux (and any exceptions that may apply). You can check it out here :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Hope that helps!

I only ever use Google Pay so can confirm that it works. As recent as last week at KFC :meat_on_bone:

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Just got my first h&m flux receipt and whilst it wasnt instant (maybe 5 mins or so later) the detail in the receipt is excellent and the ability to actually use it for a return is much appreciated.

One small thing id like improved is the receipt has the glasgow branch location on it. Be really good if this showed the address of the store i actually purchased from


Hey Nathan :wave: Sounds like the location details might be pulling through incorrectly - if you don’t mind dropping me a DM with a screenshot of the receipt, I’ll take a look :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Ohh looking at it again it looks like a monzo issue not a flux issue.

Need to submit an address fix for that!

Sometimes the merchant is submitting wrong address info and would need to be addressed with their acquirer. It’s way more common than it should be. But when you’ve got lots of stores it can happen.

Wow, I feel like a luddite only just discovering Flux now! I hate physical receipts and the faff of providing an ident at the PoS, so excited to read rest of the forums and see if I can find out more before using :grinning:


You’ll be deeply disappointed then, unless you shop at the couple of places that accept it, it’s pretty much useless in its current form.