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I’m just wondering if there’s a solution for getting receipts in the app? I had Flux and I’ve just found Unfurler but the project seems dead with the last update I can find about it from 2020 and no new users on the website. Is there another solution I’m not finding or no options at the moment? Cheers.

You can scan them and add them yourself. There isn’t an automatic solution and there isn’t really the market for it, as Flux proved.


Shame. I thought Flux was making arrangements with retailers which always seemed like it was going to limited. It would be awesome if Monzo integrated the receipt API into IFTTT or Zapier. Unfurler looked like a good approach but with one of those integrated we could use our own parser and automations so it’s not costing him anything. But I guess like you say, hardly anyone is going to interested in that :unamused:

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Flux struggled to partner with retailers. It seemed to be that retailers didn’t want to share that data or integrate with them for whatever reason. Likely the time needed and value of that data for little/no return for them


Flux never had a chance… I think the only recognisable retailer they ever got onboard was Costa. The ‘market’ in terms of end users was probably there, but without the buy in from large businesses they had nothing to offer.

The likes of Tesco aren’t going to give away their valuable sales data for the amount of money that flux could afford… same with Amazon, etc.


As far as I would guess, the data on receipts is very valuable to retailers. Companies build profiles on their customers using the card number as the UniqueID (like Tesco does using the Clubcard number – indeed Tesco does it using the card number on everyone who doesn’t present a Clubcard) Why would they give that up for other services to begin making profits on that data? I reckon they see it as giving away money.

Flux was never going to work.


I don’t know how to mark this as the solution but this is it. As others have said, short of banks partnering directly with retailers (which I have more chance of winning a lottery I don’t play) it’s almost certainly never gonna happen.

Only a moderator or the person who created the topic can mark it as a solution. Plus it needs to be in the ‘help’ section :slight_smile:

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Thank you!

You’ve answered a long pondered question in my head about how to do that!

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Its probably for the best as I’d be linking people to 15 threads they should have found by searching and giving myself a gold star for the solution :smiley:

I should have specified but I meant automatically get receipts in the app. For me the big benefit would just be to quickly know what purchases were for when looking back at them in the app. Amazon the worst, I get so much on prime I have no idea what’s what at the end of the month.

Such a shame Unfurler didn’t keep getting support, by using emails we’re not asking anything from the retailers like Flux was. If one dude got that service up and running Monzo could surely run it easily. Probably not neat enough of a solution for them though even if there was enough demand.


Did search, it’s how I found Unfurler and saw there was no threads about receipt import for over two years. Which to me said there was no progress or there was a solution I was missing. Hence my question.

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This was a “little project thrown together” by a Monzo customer who saw potential. I saw that they initially started to expand it but have likely moved onto something else now if it hasn’t been touched in a long while.

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I knew what you meant. My point is, as we found out with Flux, it’s not something the retailers themselves really want to happen, or it would’ve. And my point about retailers automatically pushing their receipts into the app is still true.

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Sorry, I didn’t mean you!

Lots of people join and ask questions that have been answered hundreds of times. Those are the ones I was meaning.


Yeah, which is why the unfurler approach was clever, using emails the retailers are already sending. If Monzo added the receipt API to zapier or IFTTT we’d have a solution for anyone willing to put the work in themselves at least. Email parser from Zapier would make it easy.


So I missed @Sherlock’s Unfuler trial. Such a shame.

Ideally, I’d like to be able to string something similar to that together with something like @bee’s current project (Paperless NGX - an open source thing to deal with documents and can log them from emails etc). But that’s beyond my technical capabilities alas.

Right now I’d settle for something basic - manually entry in the Monzo app or similar.

That said, I asked ChatGPT for instructions on connecting to the Monzo Transaction Receipts API via Google Sheets and it gave me comprehensive answers. I just haven’t had chance to give it a go yet!

More generally, I really think there’s a market for Monzo extensions. Things that power users want, community folk might be able to build and sell via Monzo for a small amount. I think it would be revolutionary.


Monzo extensions would be amazing, I’m sure the community would come up with some very clever integrations!

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Don’t get me wrong - I like this idea, I really wanted the best success for Flux so if does happen then cool.

The same person mentioned earlier (who made unfurler) had this vision and was working on that. I believe there was come concepts created long ago too :slight_smile: