Monzo integration with Square and iZettle


With so many retailers using Square and iZettle, how about a Monzo integration. It would be similar to the Flux integration and it would work like this:
•When Square/iZettle send their email receipt, they also send the receipt to Monzo (opt in, of course).
•Monzo pulls the transaction details (ie i bought a cappuccino and a chocolate bar).
•Monzo correctly autopopulates the retailer name and logo information.

Considering how many more retailers use Square and iZettle than Flux, this could really be a game changer.

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #2

This would definitely be awesome! :grin:

This is where monzo’s open receipts API comes into play :eyes:

Outfits such as Square & iZettle can feel free to connect to this API already and it would just work :sunglasses:

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Amazing. How do we get this to work? Would Square/iZettle need to do something? Or does the Monzo account holder need to build something? It says:

You need a Monzo account to register and manage your OAuth2 API clients.

(Jolin) #4

I think the best thing would be for iZettle to integrate with Flux. Then we’d pick up loads of small retailers, and they could support the loyalty cards too.


Ok, I emailed iZettle and Square and told them why it would be a great idea to integrate with Flux. I also emailed Flux and told them the same.

I wonder if someone at Monzo would like to try as well…


I’m not sure I agree :thinking:

While Flux is great, I much prefer @nexusmaniac’s suggestion that it’s built into Square and iZettle directly. I’d love for the Monzo API to become the de facto standard and fundamentally improve receipts for the whole merchant/acquirer/bank chain - whoever you bank with!


Who would that be done by? Monzo, the customer or Square/iZettle?

(Dave) #8

I don’t see that Monzo would drive them enough custom to develop a specific API for Monzo though? I would imagine something like Flux would be much more appealing because they do one development and have multiple banks hanging off the back of it.

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(Kris Littlewood) #9

I would also like to add sumup to this list. Lots of taxi drivers, bars and restaurants near me seem to us them to process card transactions.

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Don’t get me wrong, Flux has a place - but probably only in loyalty. And it’s super useful in kickstarting this whole thing.

More generally, my point was that the API needn’t be for Monzo only. I think I’m right in saying that APIs can’t be copyrighted - so the same standard cold be adopted by other banks, making it a de facto standard.

(Jolin) #12

It could, and that would be great (and I’d be happy with that as a solution for receipts). But I honestly don’t see this happening. Each bank will have their own api roadmap and design and I think it’s unlikely they will adopt a competitor’s unless there was some industry body that standardised it. Right or wrong, I think the most likely way we get widespread receipts is through Flux.

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(Tommy Long) #13

APIs can definitely be copyrighted (at least in the USA), Google eventually lost to Oracle over Oracle owning the Java API and Google copying it for Android.


But not in the EU, I think. (And I think I’m right in saying that the Java case isn’t yet concluded, and is being appealed to the US Supreme Court).