View Hidden Pot details


Allow for viewing of pot balances of hidden pots, without first unhiding the pot(s).

Perhaps on the ‘edit pots’ view.

Use case

With 5+ pots, it is nice to have those that are used infrequently hidden all of the time. But it is also useful to know the balance of these.
An additional motivator for hiding pots is keeping the other accounts supported by Plus close at hand, rather than at the end of a long list.

Current workflow: Go to full pot list > Tap ‘N hidden’ > unhide pots and save edit > View Balance > Reverse process to re-hide pots.
This is very lengthly for what should be a quick check.


A quick ‘fix’ could simply show the balances in the ‘Edit pots’ view.

I’m on the Android app BTW. First Post, so apologies if I’ve missed something.

Welcome @snomys!

Great first post. I find myself wanting a similar “peek” mode to see what the balances of my pots are, without unhiding them!

PS don’t forget to vote for the idea yourself at the top of the screen! :ballot_box:

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Nooooo absolutely not.

My pots are hidden because I don’t want to see how much is in them so I don’t get tempted to dip into them. The friction of going through the steps to unhide them is perfect and is working really well.

I liken my hidden pots to piggy banks :pig2: I don’t want to know how much in in them until I meet my goal or I really need the money - then I’ll smash them open :hammer:


Would you object to @snomys’s suggestion of balances on the edit screen? That feels like a neat solution, to me.

Sadly I would. I want to be able to manage my other ‘visible’ pots and sort the order of them without seeing the balance of my hidden pots.

I feel like we’re going down the locked pots route. Whereby it does what it says on the tin but when you mess with it you’re going to undo its usefulness and original intended purpose.

If you want to periodically check the balance of your hidden pots, don’t hide them would be my suggestion

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I voted, I’ve enough self control to not want to take money out after peeking at the balance. I’ve not got any hidden at the moment but when I had a few it was annoying trying to check to see what’s what.

I’m with @Ordog here! When I hide a pot it’s to forget that the pot exists until such a time where I need it. Being able to see at any point that my emergency fund pot has enough in it for that trip to Japan I’ve been longing for would be all the too tempting.

I’m the sort of person, where if I have spare money in my account, I have to look for something to spend it on. That’s why I use external savings and investment accounts, so the money is completely segregated, and less convenient to access.

Perhaps something like N26’s wave gesture to hide and show your account balance could work for a feature like this, so we get the best of both worlds.


Thanks, good spot! Definitely forgot a basic step there :sweat_smile:

I agree that friction to seeing your hidden money can be a good thing.
Perhaps only showing balance of ‘hidden but not locked’ pots could work?

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You need a toggle!


I see what you are saying for sure. Not sure on a solution there. Perhaps having this as a user-configurable option in setting would work.
That is one greater thing I feel Monzo could do so easily, but it missing out on: user-specific customization.

Where’s my on/off toggle for:

  • show balance on hidden pots in edit view
  • hide all pots in ‘carousel’ view (these can get really cluttered with lots of pots, my original reason for hiding so many)
  • show other accounts before pots (contraversial, but it could default to ‘no’)
  • many more I can’t think of right now

Many of these such ideas would be relatively simple to implement, yet improve the experience greatly for many users.
Monzo could continue to push to boundaries by becoming the first banking app that offers such levels of personalization.

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Agreed! See my other comment, there is so much potential in monzo adding toggles :slight_smile:

Not every one is a fan. I think there are arguments against toggles, but it’s all beyond me, to be honest.

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Too many toggles can be confusing and overwhelming for the less tech savvy among us. It’s often best to instead just focus on the best experience for most people, rather than giving people options, otherwise you end up with a tool like summary.

I’m here for all the toggles.


Death to the toggles


#TeamToggle here too

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Definitely something I Would like to see.

Being able to see the balance on the hidden one would be good

Maybe an ‘advanced setting’ section could offer some level of protection there?
Definitely not something for everyone. But if the defaults suit ‘most users’, and the toggles are hidden away then no harm done I feel :slight_smile: