Hidden Pots

Is there a way to show the balance of a hidden pot without having to unhide it, look and then hide it again?

Hi. Nope, unfortunately not.

Depending on how many pots you have, the total includes all pots, it might be easier to work it out that way.

If you’ve subscribed to Plus you could look at the auto Google sheets doc. Can then see from that what’s in each pot. I guess you could manually do this downloading the files, but by the time you’ve gone to that effort, it would have been quicker to unhide the pot take a look then hide it again.

Discussed and voted on here

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Or just download a csv file. It’s cheaper, but doesn’t auto update.

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Yeah covered this with the manual download bit :rofl: just didn’t make it clear about csv :+1:

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No you can’t see the balance because you hid it. Unless I’m missing something?

If you need to frequently check the balance then my suggestion would be not to hide the pot.

I’d like my Pots to be both hidden and unhidden, at the same time.

I’d like a way to somehow lock my Pots so that I won’t be tempted to spend the money, but also have a feature where I can unlock the Pot really easily so that I can spend the money.

I’d like Monzo to produce a metal card because they’re really rare and exclusive, but I’d also like the metal card to be available to everyone because I don’t want to pay Monzo for exclusive features, though I am happy to pay for a metal card.

I’d like Monzo to offer me an overdraft when I don’t need one, and then not offer me an overdraft when I do. Oh.