Pots: locked and hidden

It’s great to be able to lock pots, but it would also be helpful to hide them until they are scheduled to be unlocked.
If the pots are out of sight, out of mind then you are less tempted to see the money in them as something accessible.
Combined with scheduled payments you could really forget about your nest eggs for a while until they mature.

I quite like this idea.

Could you not just use something like Atom Bank though? As bad as their app is their rates are pretty good and it truly will be out of your hands reach!

I’d love this idea… maybe not hide the actual pot but maybe add a blurred pot total so its not readable maybe :relieved:

Id love true locked pots to come back also though, they were great!

I don’t think that I can wrap my head around this.

Hiding or blurring the total must mean that an ‘unhide’ button needs to be somewhere nearby. Wouldn’t you just click that, see your balance and the dip in regardless if you have that little self control?

The locked part I understand, but again, only if they’re truly locked and you can’t revert it with a tap of a button again.

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It’s great until someone complains that MY BANK WON’T ALLOW ME TO SPEND MY OWN MONEY!

They might not use all caps.


Im saying more along the lines of similar to how you lock a pot (or used to) you could choose an additional option to blur the pot total or show some text instead of the actual total.

This could of course be reversable if you delete the pot or could wait until the unlock date you selected.

That way you could tell the pots there, you just wont know the balance, getting a nice little surprise on unlock day

That make sense?

The surprise bit is nice but we need properly locked pots because there is still no friction.

If I was skint and thought “oOoOo I’d like those trainers” so I’d check my app for my available balance.

I’d then see all my pots, including a blurred one that says ‘tap to see balance’. So I’d just tap it, see I can afford my trainers and away I’d go.


Oh yeah they go hand in hand!

Good idea. Another option might be if we could sort the order of pots. I would want to see the pot balance in my overall total balance but I like the idea of out of site out of mind. The same with my fixed term pot. I dont really need to see this on the carousel.

You know they would


I imagine this would work in the new nav when they bring in ordering/let you choose which to show in the swipeable list. You could just not have one showing when swipe and that would half do the job :slight_smile:

p.s. there is a design for this somewhere so I believe it is planned for the future