Missing hidden pots

Now that investments have been bundled with pots, I’ve no idea how to unhide/show my hidden pots. If I hit personal balance at the very top of the main screen, all pots are shown with what I assume (looks like) is the correct total, but if I tap on savings & investments and then edit layout on the three dots, I can only see one hidden pot (Safety net) which I can unhide by hitting the eye icon beside it, the other 7 pots I have hidden are not displayed here. Where do I go to show my hidden pots?

I’ve reset app, clear cache and all that. No idea if this is a bug or I’m being extremely dense.

Posting here instead of as a bug report because I’m sure I’m overlooking something simple and it probably isn’t a bug, can anyone help?

I’m not sure what you mean by this…

What I do is go to the main edit layout button toward the bottom of the home screen. From there I can edit what regular Pots are shown and what Savings Pots are shown.

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Profile picture (Top Left) - Edit Layout - Pots - click eye icons to see/hide pots.

Hope this is what you mean.

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Tap the three dots by your normal pots and the “sort order” or whatever it says

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On the actual savings & investments page, where the pots are show, I’m not sure how to upload screenshot now, but this screen has two buttons at the top; one savings and one investments so you can navigate between them. With savings selected it shows how much interest I earned overtime (can hit a button to see how much I earned previous month) and bellow this it shows my pots. If I tap on the menu (three dots) button on corner of where the pots are shown, it allows me to change their layout but hidden pots are not shown here.

Never noticed the Edit Layout button at end of main screen, That works, thanks!

This also works, thanks

Yeah, this is what’s not working for me, not sure if a bug but at least I found other ways now to get to them, thanks!

Edit, it does work sorry, I thought pots were still all grouped together and I couldn’t see this pots section as I had them all hidden. It’s all much clearer now. Thanks

I see. That screen is limited to interest paying pots. I’m guessing your hidden pots were regular pots (now kept separate from interest pots), which is why you needed one of the other approaches to unhide them.

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Ah of course, I’m being silly, that’s the ones with interest. Should have realised that in fairness :see_no_evil: it’s just that I had all my normal pots hidden and couldn’t see that section on the main screen I assumed they’d still be grouped together, all makes more sense now, thanks for your help guys!

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