Fraud - what to do now


I made a post here a few months ago regarding a yearbook scam I fell victim too and I’ve had such an exhausting customer service experience.

Is there anywhere I can go for further assistance?

I have been cleverly scammed out of some money, in which the bank agreed, refunded me and now they have been challenged, are taking the money back. The company in question is fraudulent and is not going to provide with what they promised as it’s a scam.

Can someone offer me advice to take this further?

Complain to monzo for second opinion, wait for final response if unhappy, go to the ombudsman.

You can also complain to the receiving bank.

Thank you Carlo, I will do this.

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What did Monzo say when they took the money back?

Apparently the merchant has turned down my claim? I’ve provided evidence and feel like I’ve spoken to every member of customer support which has been a nightmare

Did you specially raise this as fraud vs a chargeback?

I don’t remember the OG thread so apologies if this was covered but this sounds like it hasn’t been flagged as a case of fraud.

Raise it back up with Monzo

No problem, yeah it was raised as a fraud case, I will go back and see what comes of it, thank you.

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This sounds more like a chargeback and now the company have provided “proof” that goes against your claim.

Good luck. I only asked as, as it sounded like a chargeback from reading here which I’d typically associate with goods not received.

This sounds more complex, good luck in solving it and please do let us know how you get on.

So, this wasn’t fraud which is usually an unauthorised transaction. If you entered the details yourself then you authorised it. So it’s a merchant dispute rather than fraud.

What you usually need to show to win a merchant dispute is to prove that they didn’t honour the agreement or terms that you agreed to when making the transaction. They’ve clearly come back with ‘evidence’ whatever terms were honoured.

I’d collect as much information as you can about what you were ‘sold’ and ask Monzo to challenge the chargeback again. The process is, you can raise it, and they can challenge it, you can challenge it again - eventually it goes to an impartial adjudicator at Mastercard but that’s very rare.

It’s possible this ‘company’ gets a lot of chargebacks and challenges them all. If they are truly in the wrong and deceiving people though, eventually they’ll lose.

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For anyone who was interested or for future reference, i just wanted to provide an update on what has happened over the past few weeks.

-I wrote a formal complaint regarding my experience on the 9th of October via email.
-A response was sent back to say someone was investigating and Monzo have up to 12 days to reply, so they will respond by the 24th October.
-Received no communication at all, and have sent a follow up email 2 days after their target date (24th) but still heard nothing back.

One of my main complaints was the absolute lack of customer service and I thought a complaint would actually be acknowledged and taken seriously. I feel it has not, and i feel ignored.

I will update again if i ever receive a response regarding this issue.


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Thanks for updating us, and good luck in getting this sorted!

P.S C’mon monzo, how hard can it be to actually provide decent customer service. It’s your main achilles heel.

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This is the final update, i hope anyway. I had a response to my complaint on the 3rd of November, which was 10 days later than their final response date.

They have apologised for what has happened with a lengthy email and have decided to compensate me with the funds for the scam as a sorry.

I’m glad its been ‘resolved’ finally, and that I got the money back in the end but the whole experience has been the worst customer service experiences of my life and is questioning if i should stay with the bank or not. Anyway it is now resolved. thanks for everyone’s advice and support over the past few months.

Have a good week everyone, thanks.


Lost my card on the 6th of this month and all my money was withdrawn from my account

10 hours

**Issue:I lost all my money in my account due to fraud and I reported it yesterday to Monzo, my card went missing and I lastly used it on the 6th,just discovered fraudulent transactions on my phone yesterday before i noticed i lost my card
Any ideas on how long this will take before I get a refund
I’m getting so frustrated :pensive::woozy_face: my account balance is zero

If you’ve reported them you need to wait for monzo to respond.

Worthwhile logging this with the police too if you haven’t already.

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I have emailed them but they haven’t gotten back to me
It’s taking too long, they said 24hpurs but ist been more than
I’m just frustrated here :pensive:

Raise a formal complaint if you’re unhappy.

Who I’m I raising a formal complain to now ~~

Monzo, if you’re unhappy with the wait times.