Some new card designs

(adamcooke) #1

I’m looking forward to starting to use the Joint Account with my wife when it it’s released but still not convinced I want two almost identical cards in my wallet so I thought I’d have a play and design some fantasy Monzo cards.

I have possibly taken some artistic liberties because I’m not that familiar with the requirements for actually printing cards.

I’d envisage the diagonal stripes being slightly glossy to give a texture to the card. The icon/lozenge in the top right of the joint/investor cards could also be glossy (spot UV) to help with identifying cards by feel.

(Edit: they look better when enlarged!)

(Tony, Secret Lemonade Drinker) #2

I’m saying nowt.


I’d hope with fintech being all about what can be done to move forwards, that the choice will be in an app not physical that if we get to stage of multiple accounts that monzo can be similar to curve card, and let you select in app a default account and switch when needed.

Less is more

(Not trying to sway from your designs as they’re great for showing your ideas)


No thanks.

The purple or blue card looks like Starling or RBS.

The green card looks like Lloyds.

I’d rather keep my distinctive Hot Coral card than have a card that looks like another bank!

(Herp Derp) #5

I like the layout etc just not the colors

(Tom ) #6

Thanks for showing off your designs. It never ceases to amaze the talent on this community.

(Phil) #7

The joint card is an interesting design challenge because there are conflicting needs:

  • Making it easy to distinguish between the joint and individual cards
  • Keeping the Monzo brand identity coherent (think: Hot Chip)
  • The value of having a distinctive card which sparks conversation

You have to make a tradeoff somewhere: there’s no perfect solution.

I think they’re right to keep the hot coral for the joint card as they’ve shown. Besides, you could always change it later as cards expire within a couple of years.

(Nick) #8

Some people have more time on their hands… lol

(Peter Roberts) #9

I would call the purple one a Monzolut card :joy:

(Jack) #10

I love them! But I also like the idea of the sticking to just hot coral


There is just something so nice about immediately recognising another Monzoer that I really hope this doesn’t happen.

(Kieran McHugh) #12

Amazing work! Thanks for sharing these.

I like the big Monzo text in the background. I know our design team have been playing with alternative colours recently.

(#savetheseabass) #13

Sacrilege!!! :rage:

(MikeF) #14

Letting that out feels like a breach of some sort of secrecy agreement!

(Caspar) #15

I think these are lovely :slight_smile:

(Jonathan) #16

Tbh I like the design as is. Monzo’s design for the joint looks a bit more pinky than the cards we have at the moment.

If we are supposed to have pink cards then all our cards should be pink like that lol.

But I don’t see a need for separate designs tho depending on sole/joint account. Other banks don’t have it

(P Burrows) #17

I love the green!!

(Andy Little) #18

I love those. I use Monzo in spite of the hot coral, because I get sick of shopkeepers taking the piss. It’s all good natured, but it gets old.
I’d be happy with either the purple or the green, but the green is the nicer one in my opinion.

That said, I’d quite like to have a single physical card and use the entered pin number to determine which account I’m spending from.

(Andy Little) #19

Really? I think you’d get a lot of support for providing a selection. I won’t hold my breath though. ‘Playing around with’ is a far cry from an intention to finalise and release.

(Nick) #20

Their graphics always look pinker than the card (actually the pinkish shade is what hot coral is supposed to look like…), I expect it will be the same colour.