Can we have another card colour please?

I liked my card before the change on Monzo - And now we have this Coral crap. If I get another “ooooh that’s bright” comment it will add to my already embarrassed state and i’ll toss it in the bin and use my phone! - My old HSBC card was red and grey - nothing to see here!

It’s always been hot coral :eyes:

There was midnight blue and lagoon blue while Plus was available


Have a look at this company


Some people love the colour some less so. I am in the latter camp so yeah I agree. However you could always use Apple or Google pay if you are really that bothered about the colour.

Can open, worms everywhere! :sweat_smile:

There were blue ones available via Plus until recently, but then the Great Plus Catastrophe of 2019 unfolded.

Ultimately, they were part of a package that some felt was poor value and therefore decided they weren’t happy to pay the full package amount just for a card. So probably no new card colours in the near future.

Perhaps there’ll be options with the new premium offering Monzo are developing, but there’s no exact time frame for that yet. Keep checking back for updates as you never know. :smile:

Also, before what change, if you don’t mind me asking? Hot Coral has always been Monzo’s brand identity.


Embarrassed by a card colour ? Lol.


Yeah I’m interested by this as well - always been this colour by default unless you paid for Plus.


Thanks I am always fighting with people at the tills as they all believe that the limit is still £30 - despite the stickers on the terminals saying £10,000!

So I literally gave up trying to use Gpay when shopping - also before it was hit and miss on most phones I had (apart from a Oneplus 6T) but now I have an S10 and I haven’t tried it yet but it should work fine.

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Yes maybe I am getting confused with Starling - as I had an account with them before I opened Monzo. The cards were vertical at one point - but yes that was Starling.

In any case it isn’t hard to offer a different colour at the point of production I am sure. I agree there shouldn’t be a monthly charge for a different colour - maybe for a metal card (my digits are rubbing off already) but there should be a choice.

Gpay it is then for the future! (well Samsung pay would be better)

Cheers for the replies :slight_smile:

Man pulling out, what many others see as a Pink card - yeah kinda! - only yesterday I had a comment about it- but as suggested I will only carry it as a backup and use my phone instead


Trust me I’ve been there, it’s not nice at all. Most people on here haven’t had such an experience. Those who have know how embarrassing it can be.


As you have said I can just use my phone - so it won’t stop me going full Monzo but I would like a more robust card anyway so if Plus has the options for mobile insurance AND a metal card I may well go for it - but having to do a card replacement every few months is a pain - the digits just rub off - cards would last longer if only used for a backup and/or metal!

The Add to Gpay right off the bat is one of the best features of this bank so far. That’s a nice touch.

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I have had a few of those comments as well but what I found was they were more curious than anything else :joy:

Just take it on the chin I suppose and use it as a conversation starter. I have made a few friends off of my bright Monzo card lol.

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I used to get comments at least once a week about how bright it is. Didn’t bother me

I now get people telling me what a lovely colour the lagoon blue one is

I’m pleased that was of use to you. I couldn’t use it because they did not have that feature when I joined but I can see how that would help a lot of people. :+1:

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So I assume you got that with Plus? had I known they were going to scrap it I would have got a blue one too and then got a refund lol - Hindsight is a wonderful thing

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Yes it is…

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The very thought of a man with a PINK card! Ye gods, can you even imagine? You’d just want to DIE.

That’s sarcasm, btw. I have both a hot coral Monzo and a rainbow Revolut card and give zero f*cks about paying with either. My bank card could be day-glo pink with diamante accents and a rainbow hologram and play choice tracks from the ABBA back catalogue every time you pay with it and it would not concern me.

If a pink card is going to cause you embarrassment, I’m afraid you have far deeper issues that you clearly are not addressing.

I can’t believe in 2019 I’m even writing this.


Fair comment - although you accusing me of having issues whilst actually thinking up a totally bonkers card is laughable. I only complained about the colour…

I’ll like it anyway

As I understand it, from my limited time working in a bank, we basically order X number of cards which are blank. Then when a customer orders one it gets customised by the manufacturer with the name, card number etc.

So it would be very expensive to order a batch of other cards (which aren’t necessarily ‘on brand’) for the small number of customers who might want one.

I’ve had a hot coral card since October ‘16 and although I’ve had lots of comments about how bright it is, or needing sunglasses to look at it(!) I’ve always seen that as a compliment!