Vertical Card Discussion (All Banks) 💳

Hey Everyone!

Vertical cards have been really hot chatter over the past few days so…
We’ve decided to dedicate it to it’s own topic, any posts relating to card rotation should have been moved here including those from the Starling Feedback thread & others.

Enjoy the chit chat below :arrow_down_small: :slight_smile:

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Looks like an iPad?

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Yeap, first thing I thought too :eyes:

Vertical cards and they are very nice. Not sure why it took a year to design and test them



I think this looks very nice, although that green is murder on the eyes. Perhaps they’re trying to outdo the hot coral! Not sure I’m going to ask to replace my card though, but when I get a replacement naturally I’m going to have to consider a wallet re-think with vertical cards!

Different coloured cards for different account types. That’s a novel idea! :smirk:


It’s madness. MADNESS I TELL YA!

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I swear there is a green card floating about already :eyes:

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I wonder how they will accommodate joint cards, though? Another colour?

Ohhh yeah…

I’m gonna call my solicitor :rage:

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These look good. Funny that they say they’re still working on the joint account iteration. I mean, how long does it actually take to pick three colours?

Seriously, though, very impressed with different colours for different account types, the vertical orientation and the move of the card information to the rear. Every time Monzo entice me back, Starling go and pull something else out of the hat which makes me think they’re a sleeker brand.

But in the back of my mind, something makes me think they’ve gone for a Hot Coral–esque brand identifier colour. Imitation is the sincerest form etc. etc.


I love those card designs :hot_coral_heart:

I think they should have kept a shade of purple though for the personal account as that’s kind of their brand now?

I’d like to see Monzo do something like this and keep the hot coral

I wonder how they display in Apple Pay and Google Pay though?


I like the portrait design and the card number at the back.

Not massively bothered with the colours, but they are nice enough.

Why release 2 thirds of your offering though? It just seems so daft to have ignored joint accounts.

Also disappointed the hyped announcement was new cards… But there you go.


Kinda reminds me of something here… :upside_down_face: :eyes:

Must be a common theme for FinTechs, because you are right - Monzo has had some hyped releases and have been met with a… meh.

This is the first time (that I can remember), that Starling have gone out of their way to “hype” something up - Although I appreciate the hype was very short (from yesterday), and would have been blown out of proportion on the forum.

So to only get new cards… It’s a little disappointing for me.

Perhaps if they threw in a round up - but that would be meh for you too :wink: