Vertical notes

So we were first in the UK with plastic notes (briefly) and now we are introducing vertical notes. You can keep your boring Bank Of England notes, these are very nice.


Vertical is the new horizontal :joy:

Should we make a vertical Monzo card?

I notice Tide have done this.



The countdown until someone suggests a vertical Monzo card starts now. I give it 5 posts, tops :wink:

Edit: and beaten by @simonb before I’d even finished typing. Take a bow, sir!


How about -1 posts? :joy:


I like it, it stands out. Same as a vertical card. No reason they have to be horizontal.
I can think of much better things to represent Norn Iron but I doubt they’d include any of them

Edit: vertical for the joint account?


The only thing that kind of bugs me is that the back isn’t vertical also in that photo

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Ooh, interesting.

I wonder how the vertical ones look in Google Pay etc?

I quite like this one from another thread, which could lend itself to the 90 degree treatment - especially with the numbers on the back:

I wonder what a similar minimalist vertical concept would look like?

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Are there scheme rules that say that the long number has to be vertical? It’d be interesting to see just how much the design could be stretched…

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Yep, vertical joint account cards for all!

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I gotta say that i love the idea of having all the card details on the back

Do it.