Monzo plus but can't pay subscription from pot

Hi there,
I’ve recently signed up to Monzo plus, and I’m wanting to pay my subscriptions from a pot.
I’ve added a virtual card to the pot in question, but when I click to pay the payments from the pot, the payments are still greyed out and clicking on them tells me I can pay from the pot using a virtual card.
I’ve tried deleting the card and re-adding a new one but no luck, and logging out and back into my account.
Anything else I might be missing?

If I’ve understood your problem correctly, you’ll need to update your subscriptions with the providers so they use the new virtual card not you standard Monzo card.

I.e. go to Netflix and update your payment details with the virtual card


For payments you make via a card payment (even if it’s a subscription), you need to update the card details with the provider who the subscription is with. Give them the virtual card details.
Only Direct Debits and Standing Orders can be reassigned to/from a pot.

One thing to note is that payments via the virtual card do NOT fallback on your main account if there isn’t enough money in the pot, unlike Direct Debits and Standing Orders. So if your subscription is £8 and you only have £7 in that pot (even if your account has £100), the payment will fail.

Ah yeah, thanks both that makes a lot of sense! I would say that the wording in the app info about this process didn’t make that very clear! (or maybe it’s really obvious and I’m a bit slow - now that I know, it seems super obvious!)

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I think the fact that “Subscripions” and “Direct Debits” are in 1 list instead of separated doesn’t help matters.

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make sure you have also clicked pay from xx pot on the virtual card