Vending Machine and Ticket Machine Transactions


I recall seeing a similar post in the past about vending machines, but I wanted to bring the topic up in relation to the current account and ask about the transaction that I’ve pasted below…

Vending machines appear to charge from a central merchant (NYX*LRS in some cases) but we’re able to suggest merchant data for this transaction. Mensing my purchase at a vending machine in a train station appeared to be a transaction at Goals, a leisure club.

Similarly below, a ticket purchase on a machine at Clifton Down station appears as a transaction at Oldfield Park station (although it seems like GWR used the same system for these payments, as you can see from the actual merchant data at the bottom)

What is being done to ensure locations and data don’t change frequently - say if I were to change this transaction to show Clifton Down rather than Oldfield Park?


To be honest you might be jumping the gun here slightly -

Text from the help section of the current account preview app.


It sounds like we’re not working with the final functionality for managing merchant’s details at the moment.


Known issue with all CA transaction data, will be fixed when CA’s rollout I was told.

Wish I’d known as I wouldn’t have asked in-chat about my local shop having moved from Warrington to Plymouth last night if I’d known :scream:

(I’m blaming the fact I can no longer see what I’ve read as every message is blue :thinking:)

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