Transaction Information - Vending Machines

(Adam Kendrew) #1

Hey Monzo,

This isn’t necessarily a bug…just something that has been annoying me in my feed. I guess it could also apply to a number of other transactions though. Anyway…

This screenshot of a transaction is actually one of those contactless vending machines.

Now when I first used the machine I submitted the feedback to be ‘Goals, Leeds’ as that’s where the machine I used is physically located. However it does seem that this is linked with some other vending machines, which has caused the name and logo to change numerous times.

The statement transaction shows as NYX*LRS Leeds GBR and the address shows as Quarry Hill, Leeds LS2 7UA. You can see however that the ‘map’ is showing London? How best is it going forward with transactions like this? As everybody is just going to try and resubmit the information based on where the machine is located (I’m guilty of that too). I’ve even tried submitting it as ‘LRS Vending Machine’ but then if there is different brands attached that may not be accurate either.

Again, not much of a bug but can see where it could be confusing to some customers in the future! :grinning:


Are the vending machines even aware of their own location? As far as I know most of these are managed by the same company and thus appear as if you were paying that company no matter which machine you use.

(Adam Kendrew) #3

My thoughts exactly. Hence why I’ve tried on numerous occasions to change the transaction to ‘LRS Vending Machine’. However, you will have people submitting information based on where the vending machine is actually located, which is what initially when I named it as ‘Goals, Leeds’.

Just wondering really whats the best way to go about this from Monzo’s view?


I guess they could have a flag on merchants that when set prevents people from suggesting a new location and displays an explanation like “Due to technical reasons we are unable to display more accurate location information for this merchant - click here to learn more” with a link to this post.

(Rika Raybould) #5

We actually already have this for several merchants where there are known issues. :+1:

As for vending machines, they’re normally all assigned to a head office. If you can submit a logo change request and just paste in a link to this thread (Note: Don’t do this normally unless we ask you) and one of us can take a deeper look at it in the tool. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Adam Kendrew) #6

Brilliant thanks @RichardR. I’ve pasted in the link for you :slight_smile:

(Rika Raybould) #7

Thanks, I’ve just updated that.

It looks like in this particular case, the map location just didn’t get updated when we corrected the address. :see_no_evil:

As for the general merchant group, I’ll keep an eye on it. The merchant identifier has far more than one reported location, causing the switching of the names so it’s likely that we’ll have to override each one manually.

(Adam Kendrew) #8

Thanks Richard. Should I go ahead and submit the correct information for my transaction again then?