UX for declined transaction from old disabled/frozen cards is confusing

The UX on the home tab when showing a transaction that was declined because it used an old frozen card is confusing because it can be interpreted as the current card being frozen.


  • Use my Monzo card as my payment method with Netflix
  • Replace Monzo card (old card was frozen, activated a new card)
  • Netflix tries to get the new month’s bill and it fails
  • Transaction shows in Home tab as “Declined, your card was frozen”. See screenshot


Correct behaviour
The declining message should be improved. It should instead mention something around using a previous disabled/frozen card.

Reading the current message makes me wonder

  1. Is my current active card frozen?
  2. Can I have more than one active card?

By old card, do you mean you’ve got a replacement? If that’s the case, I agree it should say “declined, old card” or something about the card number being wrong.


Good idea. A link to update payment details would be great too.


That’s exactly what I mean.
I stressed on mentioning frozen because the card was frozen before it was replaced (because of suspicious activity occurring on the card).

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