Monzo on Chrome OS

I would post on Using the Monzo Android app on Chrome OS/Tablet however it’s been closed, so I’m forced to open a new thread.

With the lack of feature parity across the iOS and Android apps I would quite like to get the Android app on my Chromebook to take advantage of Android only features however Monzo are still preventing installation on Chrome OS play store.

Is there any chance this could be opened up on Chrome? I note most bank apps including Starling to implement these restrictions.

I appreciate I could wipe my Chromebook, put it in dev mode and side load in the app from a 3rd party App Store however I then open my Chromebook up to attack and also if I was subject to fraud Monzo could wash their hands of it since I’ve obtained the app from an unapproved source where it could be tampered.

I’m 100% with you on that @glasgow
Monzo is currently Mobile Only and you I don’t think they plans to change it; however I may be wrong.

On the back of that. There is a very limited website for Monzo that you can access on the internet called Monzo for Emergencies. It’s very limited but has some features

Hope I was able to help;

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Enabling the Monzo app for Chrome OS is surely a reasonable request though

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100% is reasonable request. It would be interesting to see if we do ever get a Online Banking option in the future as Monzo launch more and more products.

Only time will tell

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I wonder why though. I was under the impression you had to go out of your way to have the app purposely excluded from the Play Store for Chrome OS.

I’m not sure what process Monzo went through to exclude it as I’m only a Community Member, it might be worth popping a line in the in-app chat and see if they are able to offer a explanation and if there are any future plans to add this