Can I add Monzo to Chromebook?

(Sharron Murray) #1

I’m in Australia, my bank has stopped my credit card and my phone has ceased to work because it got dropped in the sea. Can I add Monzo to my Chromebook which is app based? it doesn’t come up as an option when I try to install it.

(Mark Edmonds) #2

I’d imagine if you have one that supports the Android Play Store, there should be no reason why not…

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #3

In the (sadly) limited time that I had a Pixelbook, Monzo wasn’t available to install. I believe Chromebooks are classed as tablets when they have the ability to run Android apps - And Monzo doesn’t support tablets.

So I think you’re out of luck here :frowning: I wish I could bring better news! :stuck_out_tongue:

(Sharron Murray) #4

There is no option I can see

(James Amey) #5

Unfortunately Monzo isn’t available for tablets, or laptop-lets(?) like Chromebooks.

The only reason it’s available for the iPad is because the App Store allows iPads to download iPhone apps (and even then, it’s not officially supported).

I wish I could give better news. :disappointed:

(Sharron Murray) #6

Thanks Jim. It was worth an ask!

(Allie) #7

Why not allow it? Even tho it isn’t supported, couldn’t you allow people to take their own chances (with the usual not optimised banner warning)?

(keithy) #8


Hmmmm, Monzo installed and worked perfectly on my Huawei Mediapad M3 lite tablet!?!??