Proof of address under a relative's flat?

I’m an international student but I’ll be staying in London for quarantine and afterward my sister’s flat before I start uni outside of London in a student accommodation.

My question is, am I able to order a Monzo card under my sister’s flat? My majority of stay will be in a student accommodation outside of London but I want to make use of my time in London by applying and getting a Monzo card. Would that be possible? Or do I have to order my Monzo card when staying at my student accommodation?

Thank you!

EDIT: Monzo replied to my email and yes, it is possible. Here’s the extract:

You’re welcome to sign up using the address where you’re staying at the moment. The card usually arrives within 2-5 working days of signing up. So as long as you’re still there to receive the card then you shouldn’t have any problems.
You can always update the address on the account once you’ve received your card and moved into your accommodation!


You should be able to order to any UK address I believe

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Your first card can only be sent to your registered address, so it will depend where that is.

Monzo seem to have got a lot stricter with international applications lately, so get as much accurate as you can.

Is there any link that confirms this? I’d really hate if my Monzo application gets declined (I heard it’ll take months to apply again).

I would agree and support it if it does get stricter. A lot of fraudsters can get access to this app if it had weak regulations.