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Hi there, my Monzo card was delivered to me a few days ago. Started using it, great. Unfortunately I threw away the envelope it came in. I need this proof of address. Can Monzo please supply one to me? How do I go about obtaining this?

Why not just produce a statement, this will have your address on it.

What do you need the proof for?

Do you not have any other letters, or ones due in the next couple of days? Like a utility bill?

An envelope with your name on is not proof of address.


Good idea.
However. I have know of companies who won’t accept digital proof of address and specifically the Monzo one

As others have said - utility bill? Council Tax Bill?

These companies are becoming harder and harder to deal with, as more and more companies offer ‘free’ digital billing, but paid-for paper billing (or just generally, moved to digital billing to save money/environment/etc).

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How is this proof of address?!

If a company would actually accept that as proof of address, I would be blown away if they didn’t accept a bank statement which you can get from in the app.

Why don’t you write your name and address on a blank envelope and use that?


Since when was an envelope proof of address? Sounds like company’s asking for fraud victims if that’s the case - Do you mean the letter inside it?

I don’t think any company is asking for the envelope, the OP likely suspected that they could use the envelope as the address may be printed on the envelope (and Monzo don’t send any other letters to use without being asked).

That said, the use of letters in general as proof of address is rather pointless. The amount of mail that goes missing along with the ease of being able to ‘knock up’ a legitimate looking letter makes the whole thing security theatre at best.

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