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Hi there. I’m a new international student from Bristol and I need help on getting my Monzo. Can I use my hotel address and may I know when’s the arrival time for me to get my card?

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Hi there, here is Monzo blog post about opening Monzo account - seem to say you don’t need UK address , try putting in the hotel address if you are booked in there for long enough ??? - around a 2-3 day delivery time for your card, but I would allow a week ?

meaning, I can use the hotel address and change to my permeant address once I have a place to stay next week

thats how I would read it , however Im not a Monzo employee , why not try it :slight_smile: the Hotel address will either be accepted or not - if its accepted , once you have received your card and activated it you can change the registered address in app

  • or if you have a place to stay next week and it being Tuesday today why not put that address in if you can manage the week without a Monzo card ?

I’m sure if you left a message at reception, the hotel would keep any post for you and you could go and pick it up, even if you’re in your new place.

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Hey there @nxrashikin - that’s fine, but please update your address as soon as you’re able to!

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