Using Monzo over Christmas

(Beatrice Borbon) #1


  • Customer support is available as usual, though response times may be a little longer
  • Direct Debits, Direct Credits, and cheques won’t be processed on bank holidays, but will go through on the following working day instead
  • You can pay in cheques by posting them to us

Full deets here!

(Benjamin Doherty) #2

Sound, merry Christmas.

I get cheques occasionally. I’ve never been confident enough to post it to you guys. Think I’ll stick to my legacy bank just incase it when missing in the post. Would be a ballache


Worked fabulously for me :tada:

(Benjamin Doherty) #4

Ye I know it would work well 99% of the time. It’s just with a legacy bank you go in, deposit it over the counter. They give you a receipt. Dunno bout you, but personally I keep that receipt until I see that it was successfully paid in. Then I throw it away.

I am just slightly anxious that there is no proof that you ever sent the cheque to monzo. Its not that I don’t trust them, its just I know things go wrong 1/10000 times. And I like to have some record to help me when I am that 1 in 10000.

(Rika Raybould) #5

This is a totally valid concern, especially on higher value or irreplaceable cheques!

Cheque processing by mail is our current solution but we totally understand if anybody prefers to process them in branch at another bank and move the money across as an alternative. :slightly_smiling_face:

Perhaps we can solve this by offering an entirely different cheque processing solution in the future. :wink:

(Benjamin Doherty) #6

I do hope that’s the case. I mean you know something is up when Barclays have a better tech solution to a problem than monzo


In fairness, cheque imaging is only just started (30th October 2017) and Monzo has other priorities right now (transfering 500,000 users over to the CA). I would really like to cheque imaging to come to Monzo though!

(Rob) #8

When we sign up to Monzo we simply take a photo of passport or driving licence for the ID check, perhaps we could send a photo of the cheque?

(Jolin) #9

I assume that is what will eventually happen. But aside from the need for Monzo to add this feature to the app, their clearing bank also needs to support cheque imaging, so there is a sort of background ‘pipeline’ that has to be upgraded which is not under Monzo’s control (since they don’t do their own clearing). I have no idea what stage any of this is in, but it’s certainly not as simple for Monzo to add as adding the photo of a passport feature.


Monzo pay a lot of attention to the fine detail, so it surprised me to read:

Christmas Day (Monday 25th December), Boxing Day (Tuesday 26th December) and New Year’s Day (Monday 1st January 2018) are all bank holidays.

Of course only one of these is a bank holiday in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, while all three are bank holidays in Scotland (supporting evidence). A better term to use is “bank and public holidays”.

But my real related query is about:

If only one of those three days is a bank holiday (in E, W and NI), why aren’t these things processed [by all banks and payment services companies] on the other non-bank holiday days (which are public holidays)? Does anyone know?

(Jolin) #11

And of course, 2 Jan is also a bank holiday in Scotland (but missing from the list in the blog post). :wink:

(Dave Berry) #12

Sorry to try and out pedant you, but according to your source, New Years day is a bank holiday by Royal Proclamation (in E,W and NI), so two out of the three are bank holidays.

As the source points out, the terms are used interchangeably and it makes no practical difference at all. So I don’t really see Monzo having messed up on this one :wink:

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #13

Isn’t every day a holiday in Monzo Towers? :joy:


But you are wrong it is not just Christmas Day as a bank holiday in England. The small print goes on to say other days can be appointed bank holidays, and the official Government website ( does list New Years Day as a bank holiday in England and Wales, you just have to read on thru the pages until you see “New Year’s Day has been proclaimed a bank holiday in England, Wales and Northern Ireland since 1974; as has the first Monday in May since 1978, with the exception of 1995. In that year, and for that year only, the bank holiday was moved to 8 May to commemorate VE day”.

(Howard) #15

We go snow in the app, that was wicked guys totally awesome

(Andy Eaton) #16

Cheque Imaging from the app would get my vote also. I hate posting anything as I do not trust the Royal Mail one bit to deliver (past experiences of several items of lost post!!). Over the counter is the only option for me until imaging is a thing! - Lets hope you guys & girls at Monzo are again at the forefront of new ideas and technology and this becomes reality - Keep up the good work & have a good Christmas one & all.

(Roland George) #17

Sadly a cheque I sent in on the 20th of December still hasn’t appeared in my Monzo account. I have contacted customer support and they have said they will keep an eye out for it (account number was written on back of cheque as instructed), but I am not sure that I will trust depositing a cheque with Monzo using this method again.


For those still using cheques, do you by any chance also complain to your mobile carrier in order for them to be able to receive faxes and telexes on your shiny new phones? :joy:


you forgot teletex that replaced telex (no not teletext which was a totally different technology)

very few UK companies seemed to use it but a lot of clients in DACH countries seemed to make the leap forward


Since we’re on our way to the 80s with cheques and paper statements I would like them to also implement online banking via telex. :joy: