Christmas and New Year Cheque Clearing

Been given a cheque from a grandparent as a gift and posted it today to Monzo using freepost.

Guessing it’s going to be very slow but I’d rather put it straight into Monzo as it’s my main account and I’m in no hurry.

Guessing offices won’t be doing anything until 28th at the earliest

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Also depends on what backlog Royal Mail will have as well to be fair. As you say you’re in no rush at least.

I’m looking forward to just depositing mine in app with Starling tomorrow.


I doubt offices will be open 28th as it’s a bank holiday.
I’d also imagine over the festive period timeframes will be extended.

I use Starling for any cheques just so much easier and clears before It would arrive at Monzo’s offices.


wait what?

Forgot the extra holiday due to boxing day being at the weekend.

That’s really handy. Be aware, they won’t clear till Wednesday, now.


Oh yeah fully aware of that :grinning: just know they’ll be no postal delay or other delay from someone in an office not doing what they need to at the time :joy:


I absolutely would not trust Royal Mail delivering a cheque right now.

Last year, without COVID interfering, it took over 3 weeks to process a Christmas cheque for me.


It will probably be quicker to go through the process of opening a Starling account and submit the cheque there (via image depositing) rather than posting it to Monzo at this time of the year.


Already did it now, I’m in no hurry (just been paid lol) so I’ll update the thread on my snail cheque.

(Box was collected at 4pm and has the priority box sticker on it)

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Are you sure? The Royal Mail stop collections early on Christmas/New Year’s Eve - for instance, the last collections here for normal post were at midday rather than 17:30

As such, if you posted it in the afternoon, I don’t think it will be collected until the 29th.

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Deposited my cheques from the comfort of the sofa this morning, just need 2 working days to come along now and jobs a good one.


Posted it in the morning so lets see what happens.

I’m not in a hurry it’s more a experiment.

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Unless your grandparents were extremely generous (more than £500) the majority of mainstream banks allow paying in cheques online.
I must admit I hadn’t thought about this with Monzo until I saw your post. I think it’s very strange that they don’t offer the option. I wonder why?
At the very least I’d want proof of postage (which is free).
Happy New Year.

It’s been covered before

I use monzo for everything bar savings which is with atom and my credit card with amex.
It’s more I’m not in a hurry, so i’ll use monzo as it’s my main account. (I have a starling account for cash deposits and so I have a spare debit card)

On the other hand my grandparents on my dads side who the gift came from don’t bank online and have only started to use debit cards over cash since COVID, will this finally push them to go online. (HSBC so guessing its not the best experience) Going to morrisons for them until recently and getting a cheque when I dropped it off and having a pre written FREEPOST MONZO envelope in my car was mega annoying.

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Thanks, that explains it. March 2019, nearly 2 years ago, perhaps it’s time to revisit or maybe delay by as long as possible and hope the facility becomes increasingly irrelevant. Tough call.

Update got the notification in the app yesterday

Why have we not abolished cheques yet?

Thanks for reporting back!

Not that long to wait considering postal delays overall, and at least it got there safely.

I would still have used the Starling cheque imaging if I were you though, it’s so much easier and even if you don’t need the money quickly it’s still nice to have it processed and get it out of the way so there’s no concern about whether it’s got lost in the post or not, etc.

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