Using Monzo everywhere: improving merchant acceptance

(Andy) #103

If they accept MasterCard then report them to MasterCard for non acceptance. Might get them to listen!


Have you asked Monzo to get in contact with them? They should be being proactive with this, it shouldn’t really be up to use to chase Mastercard/Bacs to hassle these companies

(Simon B) #105

I’ve raised it with our Merchant Acceptance team :grinning: They will look into this next week!


Do the merchant acceptance team have a list of merchants which are still causing issues? Or do they solely rely on chasing it up when we report the issue? i.e “Oh we haven’t heard about X company for a while, must be fixed” etc

(Simon B) #107

That’d be a question for them to answer, as I don’t know about their workflow.

Maybe @Louis.cox might be able to answer :grinning:

(Simmy) #108

I’ve never been declined with my monzo card so far so good

(Louis Cox) #110

Hey Chris!

We chase up each issue that is raised, and we try our best to follow up until the issue is resolved. The problem that we face the most is just not hearing anything from certain merchants, and communications just going dead.

Very often things will go quiet, and it takes another report for us to start hassling them - “this is still not fixed, customers are still reporting it” kinda thing.

We would really encourage you to raise every issue you come across, even if you have heard about it before. It really gives us more ammo to nag!


I imagined this was the big problem. Has there been any progress at all with EasyJet as they now just flat out refuse Monzo cards without even trying them :frowning:

(Louis Cox) #112

We are still talking to Mastercard about this, who are going at them through their acquirer. This is the the latest from MC yesterday:

“We are still waiting for the acquirer to confirm the fix and have chased them again.”

Very frustrating but hopefully we will get it fully resolved soon. It does seem to be a few members of staff who are still enforcing it though. One of the Monzo team used their card on board an easy jet flight recently and it was all fine :man_shrugging:


Out of interest, do you monitor and flag atypical transaction rates at merchants? For example, would you be alerted if, for example, transactions on Ryan Air decreased by 50%?


My vending machine at work won’t accept Monzo through contactless or Apple Pay but It takes my First Direct card over both. I’m closing my account with them to go #fullmonzo soon if you could look into it, otherwise I won’t be able to buy my Yorkie bars :pensive:. The vending machine is run by Tastebuds Vending to be specific.


I used Monzo on Easyjet LGW-GVA-LGW at the end of June. No issues on either flight. It’s clearly not a universal edict. (But I think those flights are operated by the Easyjet Swiss subsidiary).

(Emily Jones) #116

Anyone had any problems with Better Leisure (aka GLL)? I’ve been a Monzo account holder since Beta phase and still can’t get them to accept my card at POS terminal.

12.08.2018 - Now resolved


Weston-super-Mare sea beach toilets 20 pence entrance charge gates won’t accept Monzo contactless :joy: Not a big problem…
But my Nationwide card has been accepted :))

(Peter Shillito) #118

Finally, a Monzo transaction that can legitimately use the :poop: emoji :laughing:

(Louis Cox) #119

We don’t currently. This is the first time we have seen a large company change their policy to refuse our cards - something that is very much against Mastercard rules. As such, tracking transaction patterns to spot such rare events doesn’t feel as responsive as going off customer reports.


Monzo worked coming back from Spain on an Easyjet UK flight. Payment was delayed by a day but guess that’s fairly normal?


I just had a problem paying by Monzo at my leisure centre. (Hengrove, Bristol). Be interesting to know if anyone using one of the 80 other centres in the same group has the same issue.

(Emily Jones) #122

In that case, that’s Life Leisure, and Greenwich Leisure Limited all having problems accepting Monzo.


I used Monzo on Easyjet flight from Porto to Manchester ok. Maybe present it obscuring the brand and hope flight attendant doesn’t notice.

I suspect because the payment is delayed some Monzo customers have overspent by the time Easyjet come to collect the payment couple days later and Monzo are probably declining these payments outright whilst big banks who can easily recoup arrears will just honour these and put their customer into unauthorised overdraft.

Monzo needs to do more to protect offline merchants from it’s naughty cardholders, at the end of the day it’s Monzo’s reputation at risk. No business will trust a bank that doesn’t settle a bill for delayed payments that their customer has consumed.