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We are due to go on holiday next Monday from Luton. Do I need to book the Aspire lounge to use Loungekey with Metal or do you just turn up and show them your card?



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There’s a very high chance that the lounge won’t be accepting walk-ins. You should pre-book if you can (for a small fee).

Also bear in mind, that entry via your metal card has a fee too.

Edit: Looking into this further, they don’t accept pre-booking. Lounges have been very busy this summer so you’ll just have to turn up and see if they let you in.

Turn up & give them the metal card. They need to run the card through the terminal one time to register it to Loungekey. Once this is done, you only need to show the Loungkey card/QR code in-app on future visits to qualifying lounges. My white metal worked perfectly this way late-2020-to-mid-2022


I went through hell trying to get my mid-2022 sunshine yellow ‘metal’ card to work with Loungekey and always had to swipe it, then get told it wasn’t registered and then explain it was a Monzo Premium & Loungekey benefit thing. And no matter how I tried, I couldn’t change the Monzo card in the LK account (old white metal) to the new sunshine yellow card.

Turns out you can’t. With LK, EVERY time you change your payment card, you have to create a brand new LK account and link the new card to it. Simply jaw-dropping that you can’t change your payment card details in your existing LK account - you actually have to create a new LK account for each new payment card.

Try and find that on the LK website… I couldn’t and had to spend 40 minutes on the phone until it was clarified that’s how it ‘works’

With all that hot air outta the way - Have a good holiday! :flight_departure: :beers: :flight_arrival: :sun_with_face: :beach_umbrella:


Thanks for your replies!

Fingers crossed they have room for us. Our flight is late in the day around 4pm so hopefully it might have quietened down a bit.




I hate to be a pessimist, but it’s the first week of the school holidays. Luton will be busy.

I’m used to using lounges via my AMEX and getting turned away due to lack of capacity is very common. They’ll often prioritise those who have paid full price over those who have memberships, card access etc. it’s frustrating, but it’s just the way it is.