N26 now offering their Metal service - would you use if Monzo did similar?

Out of interest, N26 have now launched their new Metal service with upper limits on taking money out for free, Mastercard lounge access which is cool and some other bits and pieces for a set fee per month. If Monzo offered similar, would you pay? And would Monzo ever consider similar?


Depends. If I get deals for business (N26 has something going with WeWork for example) I might do.

For a personal one, meh. I don’t fly often enough to justify lounge access (I can just pay for a higher priced ticket that includes it for the few times I fly), don’t break my phone, etc.

This is one of those things that is designed to look great on paper but you’ll realise you spend more with it compared to just paying for its perks separately when you need them.


Interesting. I feel the lounge access would be pretty good for me, something I’d definitely consider. I also like the idea that they provide travel insurance and phone insurance which is cool. I like the WeWork partnership they are doing, I think that’s really good.

I do love a metal card.

I’d honestly happily pay a small one off fee just to get a metal card - depending on the cost of course.

But if there was a monthly cost - I think the things that would be valuable to me, would be fee free ATMs, If there was gadget insurance it might be beneficial, (but that’s covered under home contents anyway). Other things like cashback or interest, or better partner discounts.

But I think it would have to be some serious value to warrant anything around the £10/m mark.

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No. I don’t personally see the point I’m afraid.


I only keep my TSB account open for travel insurance, phone insurance and AA breakdown. If you can do something similar (even just phone and travel) then yes :slight_smile:

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I’ve applied for a paid account because of its benefits. But if you offered something similar then there is no doubt in my mind that I would prefer to get it with Monzo.

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Breakdown cover - comes with car when you buy
Phone insurance - never broke a phone
Lounge access - never been in an airport lounge worth paying for

I’m not sure it’s worth it

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Definitely, I have a N26 metal account. Few points worth mentioning though.
Lounge access costs £15 per visit
Travel insurance - I’m still looking into this as N26 customer service have told me I must purchase the holiday with my N26 Metal card.
Phone insurance - phone has to be purchased with N26 Metal card.

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Metal cards are pretty damaging environmentally. Banks should be looking at biodegradable cards instead.


Do metal cards have the same kind of expiry date (as plastic cards) or can they last indefinitely?

Personally, I don’t really care. There are bigger fish to fry before we turn to something so niche. Let’s concentrate on the billions of plastic bottles which go to landfill first before looking at a few tens of thousands of metal cards, which last for a few years before need replacing.


I think a metal card is an interesting novelty, but I so rarely use one (prefer Apple Pay for most things) that it would barely leave my wallet.

As has already been said, there are bigger priorities --a replacement for the Investec savings pots for starters, perhaps even some sort of indexed fund? Who knows.

i think all cards should have a five year ex date like Nationwide

Absolutely, particularly with the perks included. Metal card is cool, but the phone insurance, lounges, etc are definitely very interesting. Just say when and I’ll tick the box :blush::blush::blush:

The downside is, though, that when I used my Nationwide card as my daily spending card (before Apple Pay) the card would never last the five years. Not everyone habitually uses mobile payments.

Revolut saw me coming and I have a Metal card…

The card is very, very nice. The perks not so much… The lounge access was advertised in a very sly way… you only get one free visit.

That’s it.

Then you pay each time and it’s been shown to be more than you can get direct in some cases. I’m convinced this was never highlighted in the initial marketing.

I’d pay for the metal card as a one-off, but the services for Revolut and probably N26 as well, need some improvement and are just not worth it (IMHO).

All day long - that :+1:

I have an N26 account I use whilst in Europe.
The services offered are beneficial but, a too expensive monthly fee for a Metal card.

I have a black card with pretty good services which is a lot cheaper a month & love they’ve partnered up with TransferWise.

I would buy similar services from Monzo if they decided to add them.

N26 lack the community & communication skills! I feel there’s an archaic bank lurking in the background. Their customer service is very very slow.

I love Monzo & can’t wait for them to start business banking.

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