Trouble adding Monzo card to LoungeKey?

Hi there

Had anyone else had trouble adding their Monzo card to the LoungeKey website? Mine keeps failing when trying to authorise the card through the Monzo app. No one seems to know why this is happening?


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HI @KP7763 & welcome :wave:

Have you had any other card tied to the same Loungekey account (including a Monzo card with a different number) ?

If you have then it’ll never work, unfortunately.

Amazingly - Loungekey operates with a one-card, one-account structure. So if you want to change to a different card, you must create a new, blank, Loungekey account and then add the required card to the new LK account. You have to do this for every card change!

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I also had a similar experience when my card expired. I’m sure I reached out to the loungekey support team to fix it

Thanks, Loungekey Customer Services seem to be unaware of this.

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