New to the UK

I am a new resident to the UK (from the US) and am opening a monzo account to bank with.

I also need a new pay by month phone plan. Will a newly opened monzo account have any issues with the credit checks done by mobile carriers?

I saw (in really old posts) that monzo doesn’t report to all credit score providers such as experian, is this still the case?

Thanks in advanced!

Hi Patrick. Welcome to both the community and the UK!

They only report to the old CallCredit (TransUnion now I believe)

There has been talk on here that Vodafone do not check all three, but mileage may vary with other suppliers

I have only seen one person say this was an issue for them but as you are new the UK it may be the case. But not sure if Vodafone is able to check against any US credit score data

The thing that holds you back may actually be the lack of a UK credit history. Many many moons ago when I’d just turned 18 I walked into a Vodafone store only to be turned down because I didn’t have a credit history. I walked into Three later that same day and they accepted me :man_shrugging:t5:
I’ve been using Monzo as my main account for a few months now and I’ve had no problems applying for credit since.

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Not sure what this is, but do you need a contract? You can get a pay by month phone “plan”(?) with someone like Giffgaff where you pay month-by-month and can change what bundles you buy every month, without needing a credit check.

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Regardless of credit checking I also recommend Giffgaff. Less Hassel, no commitment, and better custom service on the whole. I suggest a sim only plan with them, can’t go wrong


I guess I don’t need a contract, but I do need a new phone. Giffgaff looks like really good sim only plans if I can find a good deal on a phone. I’ll definitely look into that!

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Good to hear. Three is one I’m interested in since they have good international roaming for when I go back home.

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If you get a BYOD SIM plan from Three you should be fine. Three report it to all credit agencies too so it’ll build your profile up a bit where Monzo can’t.

Their roaming is really good too especially for the US.

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Three also have good pay-as-you-go bundles (which include international roaming), so you might not need a phone contract. Personally, I’m not a fan of contracts and find them poor value for money, but it will depend on your usage.

Why don’t you just unlock your American phone?

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Also erm, if you go on social media a lot like Facebook, Snap, Insta etc. you might actually benefit from a VOXI plan! Also if someone refers you, you and the referer both get a £10 Amazon Voucher :slight_smile: