Using card in Sweden

Going to Sweden for a week. Will I be able to use my card without any problems? And are there any fees?

There’s lots of information in the app around travelling with Monzo.
Go to Help, Browse Articles, Travelling with Monzo. :+1:

Basically, no fees when you buy with your card in the local currency. Some limits on cash withdrawals. Shouldn’t be any problems :+1:

Thank you for the information. I’m only going to use the card to purchase tickets for train and ferry from Denmark over to Sweden so the question should really be Denmark instead of Sweden :blush:

Well, I might need it to take out cash in Sweden as well.

Anywhere in the world that accepts MasterCard will accept your monzo card

2 week quarantine when you get back from Sweden so make sure you stock up the cupboards before you go

There’s always deliveries to your doorstep :grin:

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