Monzo in Sweden 🇸🇪 [Discussion]


So I’ve been border-hopping the last couple of days and taken the opportunity to use my Monzo card in Sweden.

Am pleased to report it has worked 100% of the time, including:

  • Train ticket vending machines
  • Local cafes and restaurants
  • Tourist attractions

and perhaps more obscurely:

The cashless, contactless buffet trolley on the train. It worked contactless on the attendants strange pocket-calculator device - in the remotest part of the Scandinavian countryside - and thanks to 3 Feel At Home, I knew my coffee was £1.57 before it was even poured

The public conveniences in Malmö :scream: - in case anyone is interested, it’s 10 SEK / 87p

I had a backup card but didn’t need to use it, and still I have no idea what a Swedish Krone or coin looks like in the flesh :slightly_smiling_face:

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(Nick Humberstone) #2

Travelled to Sweden recently going to Gothenburg, linkoping, and Stockholm. Could use my card everywhere with ease except for the magstripe payments for gothenburgs tram system (although I believe this is fixed now), even then I was only charged about 10p for using my Barclays card instead.

Sweden is basically cashless, and Monzo works perfect here


Interesting fact:

Sweden has the lowest proportion of cash machines in Western Europe with 333 machines per one million inhabitants.

Dec 2016

(Zheng) #4

My friends and I are going on a 4 day trip in Stockholm, Sweden in 2 weeks. Since the currency there is SEK (Krona) instead of GBP, I was thinking of exchanging some cash at a local money exchange before departing.

I was wondering if it will be cheaper instead to use the ATM machines in Stockholm to withdraw the cash with Monzo since the rates are better. Or should I just use Monzo and pay by card whenever possible (might still need some cash in case though)?

(Alex Sherwood) #5

Hey Zheng,

We try to keep the posts about travelling to a certain country in one place, to make it easier for users to find all of the tips in one place so I’ve moved your post here.

Although I can’t be 100% sure, I’m very confident that, that’ll be the better option - you can compare Monzo’s exchange rate with the rate of the local money exchanger’s here though (Monzo don’t add any fees on top of the MasterCard FX rate) -

That would be the better option for Monzo, as it costs them money when you withdraw cash from a foreign ATM. But I usually withdraw some cash too & also, carry another card, as Monzo’s still in beta.

(Rasa) #6

I also used the card in Sweden. Mostly in restaurants and for buying the tours around the country. Well I also used some cash for public transport and so on.
That was a great trip

(Jack) #7

I’m travelling to Stockholm for a long weekend towards the end of August. Reckon I need a small pot of physical cash as a backup or will my Monzo be fine?

(Scott Jordan ) #8

You should be fine. Swedes are practically a cash free country. They mainly use Swish which is linked to your mobile number & bank.

Yes take some cash though as it’s always handy plus in Stockholm it’s common to have to pay a small fee for using the toilet in certain places :sweden:

I’m with a Swede and go to Sweden A LOT :joy:

(Scott Jordan ) #9

I’m in Sweden at the moment. I’m not getting the instant notification after using my card

(Matt) #10

Hi all. This is my first post and my first time trying to use Monzo abroad. Just had the card declined at the flygbussarna ticket machine in skavsta airport. Not a great start but hopefully it will get better for the rest of our scaniwegian holidays!

(Richard) #11

Has the app identified that you’re in Sweden?

Also, was there an active card check in the app?

(Matt) #12

I’m not sure how I would know if it’s identified that it’s in Sweden or not. I have since used it online for some tickets at a Swedish site and it worked okay.

(Richard) #13

Usually you get a “welcome to xxx the current exchange rate is xx = xx”