Advice needed, please!

I hope you can help. I’m travelling to Switzerland and Italy at the end of May and to help manage my finances whilst abroad, i’m looking at various things such as accounts with little/no fees, prepaid travel cards etc. I’m new to Monzo & don’t have a card as yet, but a couple of friends use it and are happy with it. I would appreciate any advice on using this type of account/card abroad, please. Many thanks in advance.

I’d get a card and transfer some money over. You will be fine in Switzerland (see this thread).

Alternatively, there’s Revolut which is similar.

Monzo don’t charge any fees for transactions using a card machine, and typically have a favourable exchange rate. However you are limited to £200 foreign ATM *fee-free *withdrawals every 30-days. Once you go over that £200 - you are charged a fee.

I’ve used the Monzo card in Italy and it was a dream. It all depends on how you intend to spend your money - cash or card and if card will you be withdrawing +£200 from ATMs.

Hope that helps!

These pages have some useful info


You’re not prevented from withdrawing more, but there will be a fee to do so. Anything upto the equivalent of £200 is without fee.

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Ah yes - mistyped! Meant ATM fee-free withdrawals! I’ll correct my post - thanks for spotting!


And you can avoid this (if it’s an issue for you) by getting a Starling account instead (or as well).