Using Barclays with Flex

I’m new to Monzo and was hoping to open a Flex account. My main income is paid into a Barclays account which doesn’t appear to be supported at the moment.

Is there anywhere that I can check for updates on when Barclays would be supported with Flex?

Many thanks!

I don’t know it will ever happen down the road, but that isn’t something that is supported for any bank.

You can either use your Monzo card and Flex the transaction afterwards or use the Flex virtual card. Where your income is paid doesn’t matter as long as you have funds in your Monzo account. The full amount of the transaction if you’re doing the former and 1/3 if the latter.

Have you been frequently paid into your Barclays account, or is this new/recent income?

@TheoGibson is this likely to become one of the verification methods, or are there other ways to review this? :crossed_fingers:t3:

I believe he’s referring to the application aspect, and how Monzo verifies income vs affordability and eligibility for Flex, not purchases or otherwise.

Ye - we’ll be unable to verify your income unfortunately :frowning:

We do have plans to update our list of open banking providers for income verification to include Barclays in the next few months but I wouldn’t want to commit to a time horizon i’m afraid.


Thanks for the information Theo!

I’ll keep checking back on the app in the coming months and hopefully Barclays will be supported soon.