I am unable to get verified for Flex Card and Loans

Hello Community,

I am unable to get verified for flex and loans. All checks were passed except income and outgoings. How do i get this rechecked for eligibility??

If you leave it a while they do allow a recheck.

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Get paid in to Monzo if you don’t already, otherwise all you can do is wait and reapply.

This isn’t guaranteed. How many years has it been since N26 left the U.K.?

Monzo still can’t detect my source of income.

Are you paid into Monzo?

Yep! Wasn’t immediately after N26 left, but I eventually switched that Barclays personal account into Monzo.

Oh that’s surprising then! I just had to be paid 3x to get verified


Yes , I get my monthly payment into Monzo. I was surprised to get this feedback.


Are you getting the same income error as me?

I ask because, Monzo did let me get flex. It’s just loans they seem to need to be able to detect my permanent source of income but can’t.

I get my monthly payment into Monzo and I even spend regularly from my Monzo card. I really wish to know what else I need to do to get verified

Did you speak to chat? That’s how l got info on my income verification.


No never queried it. Don’t need or want a loan so it’s not a pressing issue that needs fixing for me.

Happy cake day!

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Oh : I have not don that . Let me try that now

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