Unable to get verified for Flex

Hey Chat,

I am unable to get verified for flex , All check were passed except for outgoing expenses and incoming expenses. I want Monzo to recheck this because I have my regular income on Monzo bank and I make purchases from my Monzo card regularly.

You already have a thread asking this question?

You need to speak to Monzo. Go to help, search for “contact” and then press “Contact Us”

We’re mostly just customers here, we can’t answer account questions.


I think they think they’re asking/chatting with Monzo!

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It’s automated and can’t be override to make you accepted all a sudden.

I think it’s 30 days then you can try your eligibility again. May have changed though.

So deep links don’t work with discourse. That’s a bummer because it would be a quick and effective way to direct folks to customer support.

The link to get to Monzo’s chat is: monzo://support_chat

But you’ll need to copy and paste into your browser’s search bar because discourse won’t link it, or let you use it as a hyperlink. Or highlight it and select open link.


Ah. I meant asking in app chat

Slack is easiest for deeplinks - on the same device as the Monzo app. Send yourself a message in any Slack group with just the deep link URL, then tap on it. Monzo will then open & go to the deeplink


Contact Support. Here’s a deeplink redirect, click on mobile to start a support chat.


Bookmarked it for the next time someone can’t find in app chat! Thank you!

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Thank you. This is really helpful

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Well stated.

Plus you need to be in paid employment, whether it’s part time or full time.

Or the credit score isn’t amazing which can also be the problem.

I didn’t.

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Wait, I think if you’re also a student as well you get Flex right?

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