Can't get Flex

Hi have been declined flex due to income, but income is 6 figures. Who do I talk to?

How do you know it was income that triggered the decline?

It comes up with it when applying

Speak to Monzo.

Help > type “contact” > press “contact support”

Do you use Monzo as your main account? Do you get your Salary paid into Monzo?

Monzo may not be able to verify your salary, and so are assuming you have zero income and therefore lending responsibly.

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If your income is six figures, do you need Flex which has a max limit of ÂŁ3k for new users? Not a judgement.

As above, sounds like Monzo can’t verify your income easily. Even if your income was millions, you could still have bad credit or be recently bankrupt. The number on your pay check doesn’t really tell a proper story.

If your income is 6 figures, then your income may be too much for Flex.

You also may not have your money paid into Monzo so they may see you as a risk.

You could submit a complaint regarding your rejection but that probably won’t work.