Improving my chance for getting Monzo Flex

I have like £15k credit limit on my Barclaycard and I have an AMEX credit card, and for certain things I find it useful to use a credit card, just by the way that I have my income and finances organised.

I would like to eventually move most of my finances to mostly one bank account though and Monzo is seeming like a good option for this.

I currently use Starling and Revolut too but Monzo’s offer of an overdraft, loans and now Monzo Flex seems to have the whole package that a bank can offer.

So just had a go today from my Flex invite and it declined me.

I don’t think Monzo has to or will share with me why they declined me, like most banks?

Would be good though to understand how to improve my chances next time, I’ll assume my credit score means very little and other factors are involved here…

I have quite a few £1,000 in Monzo Pots savings accounts and also use other pots for paying direct debits, I have the Monzo Plus account…

Not sure what else I should do to become successful at a Monzo Flex. At the moment Starling and Revolut don’t have a credit card but once they bring theirs out and I get one of those I won’t care so much about Monzo’s Flex, but right now it would be nice to have…

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Hey @dtm and welcome :wave:

No, they won’t

I doubt they would ever tell you how to improve your chance, could be wrong.

I don’t work for Monzo but I’d say that since you’ll never know why you didn’t get Flex, perhaps consider other options?

I’ve edited your post title by the way to clear it up a little, hope you don’t mind

They won’t tell you why you can’t get it or how you might be able to get it.

If they said you need to do this/that/the other, then people would try and game the system. Monzo will have their own internal scores for different things.

They are only loosely related, but is your credit score good? No missed payments? Not lots of new accounts?

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Correct, but it can be an indication of what you need to improve. Still no guarantees though.

Use credit karma and see what they recommend. If you have Monzo Plus this is built into the app.

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Experian score is 999/999

Clear Score (Equifax) is 1,000/1,000

Not a single missed payment in 5 years, even then it was just late a few days because of a direct debit mix up.

No lots of new accounts in the last 12 months, barely anything.

income £20k


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yeah didn’t know you could just edit other people’s posts on here not seen that before, don’t mind though, all good.

they said it was related to my stated income not matching what it says in trans union, don’t have any connections to trans union direct so I assume maybe what I have noted down in credit karma (uses trans union score) as my income didn’t match my stated income I gave to monzo today.

my income has increased so this makes sense.

I am not sure how you would go about matching these up though for a possible future application.

I just wanted to see if it would be useful and have a go really don’t need it so don’t really care too much about the actual borrowing aspect, just thought it could be useful for my amazon subscriptions if they change in price or something to cover the monzo pot amount until my next monthly income payment or something. was more curious.

I do think though whichever of my banks (starling revolut and monzo) brings out and lets me apply and gives me a credit card style thing will move fully over to them to try get everything done in one banking app.

no indication pretty much everything is perfect on all 3 exertion clear score and credit karma. clear score is 1,000. Experian is 999. credit karma is 650/710 with no tips how to improve anything. all good though mate thanks

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Can’t remember which thread I read it in but the distribution of these products is split across users with different risk profiles. They will have different limits on how many users can apply based on which risk “bucket” they fall into. It’s possible that you just happen to be in a bucket that’s met it’s quota for this period.

(Though from your latest replies it seems more likely that something about your credit profile simply doesn’t align with what you’re telling them).

We don’t have to but if you sent me your email by DM on here I can take a look for you - i’ll be able to tell you the reason for some things but not others.


i would recommend not putting all your eggs in one basket with any bank.

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thanks. I assume you work for Monzo then, that’s cool you guys are on here helping. Just clicked your profile to try DM you but could not find how…?

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I won’t close the other banks, will put all my eggs in one basket but I’ll have a few empty baskets around lolz

It might be a permissions thing, I see this

interesting, yeah I think it seems related to somehow trans union have my income, only way I know how is through credit karma (who use trans union), I remember having a look t available loans last year and cards out of curiosity on that app and I think I typed my income in when they asked, which has increased since then. not sure how to go about matching these two back up again now though.

I’m on a Mac but I don’t see that, just everything else apart from the message button. Looks like I am not worthy enough yet to talk to people in private hahahaha

I’ve had this issue before - because my salary is increased in annual increments it changes year on year - I usually update this information when/if I make a new application. Salary is only ever recorded when you make an application for credit - I try to keep things as consistent as possible.

Hi Mate,

Are you using Monzo as your main current account?

While I was eligible for max Loan few years back - for various reasons my credit score has always been meh and I wasn’t eligible for the Flex while I could get a second MBNA card automatically. I imagine Monzo have their own risk assessment.

This was the case (not eligible) until I paid off multiple accounts and went PAYE (previously worked as contractor with income in a different business account) updated all my salary info and had new salary coming into the Monzo account → now eligible for 2500 flex. I believe max is £3000, so I guess Monzo is still cautious with me haha


I would like to use it as my main account. Right now I am probably using it as much as Revolut so you could say I have two main accounts. Some features Revolut has like there is not a 20 Pocket (aka Pots in Monzo) limit on Revolut I keep a lot in Revolut, but I have also moved a lot to Monzo too because I like the ability to link Pots to Virtual cards, Revolut does not have this feature.

My self employed income gets paid into my free Starling Business account I then transfer it once a month to my Revolut and Monzo account and let the Pots fill up once per month and use a Monzo virtual card for out and about grocery shopping.

It seems like maybe I need to prove my affordability for Monzo Flex which I didn’t know or it wasn’t clear on the application process I should connect my bank accounts to TransUnion or Experience to prove this, I have never had to do this in the past either to get a credit card.

I might give it a go not sure how much I trust giving these all my bank transaction date but I am half tempted to try it out.

can I ask how do you update this information? Much appreciated for any help knowing how to do this. Thanks

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Might be as simple as your Monzo account know showing a clear source of income, given that you’ve said your income is paid into a starling account.

Does anyone else have flex while not using monzo as their primary account?

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