Using a standing order to top up

(Thomas Cox) #1


I’ve got a quick question regarding topping up via a standing order using the bank transfer account number & sort code.

Would it be a viable option to set up a recurring standing order with my main bank using the reference code within my Monzo app as the reference? Or does this reference number change.

Many thanks!

(Alex Sherwood) #2

If you’re working your way through the setup process that starts with this screen

then the reference number from the later screen won’t change & can be used for recurring payments :thumbsup:

(Thomas Cox) #3

Thanks Alex!

I didn’t set up a regular top up to begin with because I didn’t expect to use my Monzo card very often - boy was I wrong!


@ToCo Just to also say, the reference number will be the 9 digit number on the front of your Monzo card, below the expiry date.