Standing Orders feedback

When I setup a standing order on Monzo to another Monzo account it treats it like a new account with 0 previous activity.

I really wish you could just press on a contact and easily setup a standing order.

Yup, this is frustrating

How often do you do this for it to be a major annoyance?

Not loads, but to give an example of the awkwardness of the process the other day, as I always use PTP, I had to go onto another banking app to get the bank account number to set up the S/O


It feels unintuitive to have to seek out the banking details for a S/O when you already hold that account as a contact. Like the other poster mentioned. You then need to go between apps which for a digital bank feels clunky. I feel the process should be easier and be closer integrated with the contacts previous transaction history.

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If the above is true it would also help cut down on errors / fraud too.

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I didn’t realise it was that bad. Not a great experience really.

This idea has been suggested previously. You can vote for it here:

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